Jul 27, 2009

Garden Party

Just before the weekend got started, the general manager of the store I bookkeep for, hosted a garden party. The only stipulation was that, in order to gain entrance to the party, you needed to create/bring your own garden party-hat.

So, I grabbed one of my floppy sun hats and rummaged around in my storage area, until I found my Autumn boxes, and threw on some berry-bling and a pumpkin topper - giggle!

It was a blast seeing what all the other ladies had invented. My favourite was a hat with grapes, a corkscrew, and wine glasses attached. Unfortunately the storm that had blown in, stayed, and so the party was moved inside. There were plenty of appetizers, the magaritas were flowing, and the white tealights made the room look like a fairyland. A very successful evening!

For those of you that have some garden space - I highly recommend putting out a table, and calling over some friends for some icy drinks! Don't forget the party hats!


Blue Moon said...

OOOOO sounds wonderful! I was just thinking this morning as I was sitting outside that a nice evening social would be just the ticket to get some nice energy flowing in the garden outside! Sounds like it was fun! I like the hat idea - and may want to borrow it!

mrsb said...

What a great idea! Great hat!