Jul 23, 2009

Summer Storm

We are having a rather dramatic storm today. The thunder has been crashing for an hour now, and the lightning has hit in a few places and sparked fires. Thankfully, they have been put out promptly by the rain, and the water bombers that are still around fighting a fire north of here.

I know that when a storm is raging, my energy increases and my sensitivity is heightened. Apparently, our ancestors thought thunderstorms were a time of action as well. The Romans believed that thunderstorms were the god Jupiter, hurling lightening bolts in battle. The Nordic people thought thunder was the sound of Thor’s hammer, and that he also had the ability to throw lightening.

It’s not easy to take advantage of a storm for a magical purpose. Often it’s difficult to predict when, or if (regardless of the promise of the local weatherman) the storm will hit and how long it might last. Weather systems generally move quickly through our valley, so trying to put together a ritual or set an intention and hope you get through everything before the storm passes, isn’t practical for me. I suppose taking this time to write a ritual, to have in place for the next summer storm, may be a good exercise.

A storm could be a good time for a protection ritual. Or perhaps just a great time to put a little ‘oomph’ in your intention setting. Nothing like a big “boom” to get your point across, and state your will. Collecting water from the rainfall of a storm can be useful in certain concoctions for boosting energy or causing a ruckus (if you are into that sort of thing). Today, I’ve just lit my altar candle and some calming incense (the kittens are hiding under the bed - poor babes) and have channeled my energy into some personal time with my spirits, as well as soaking in the sights and sounds of the storm.

Do you have a specific ritual/spell/activity you do during a storm?



Blue Moon said...

Wonderful Picture! I love storms. The strength and beauty is bigger than life. A good rain storm with wind makes me feel like I could fly if I had to. I was outside last night, calling up the elements for my circle, so sorry I brought up that storm for you :) LOL
I never thought of a storm ritual - but it's a great idea - there is so much power and energy already awakened it would make complete sense. I had a question from something I read in your blog - you referenced "intention setting" - I've never heard of that ??

Blue Moon said...

I forgot to add - I am glad to see your follower list is down too - I thought it was just me...

Hibiscus Moon said...

Not yet. Do you? I do love all the negative ions floating around after a storm.

Rue said...

Blue - LOL - "intention setting" is my politically correct way of saying "spell work/craft"

When my neices started asking about what I believed and practiced, I didn't want them running to school saying "My Auntie casts spells!" So, I told them a SPELL meant "Sending Positive Energy in Love and Light" and that it was like setting an intention to draw something to you, or take something away. It's a pretty vague description, and I believe in the Shadow as well, and not everything is light and love - but it was a good enough explanation for the girls at their age.

Funny how I find myself still using "Auntie words" in my everyday life. I sometimes call people "Hon" and "Love" too - giggle!

Blue Moon said...

oh,,, ok I see. Yes, I agree, thats really a much better way of saying things in mixed company :)