Aug 1, 2009

Farmers Market Finds

Oh, what a glorious thing - a trip to the Farmers Market!

I didn't fill my basket as full as I usually do - I decided to streamline my buying with tomorrow's "Girls Night" in mind.

My Ranch-friend is having the Girls up for appies and drinks (I can hear the blender now...ahhh...) so I bought garlic, a baguette and gorgeous tomatoes to make bruschetta for the gathering. (The sunflowers and apricots are a treat for me!) I'll add a pepper from my garden, and some basil from my herb pot, and a pinch of mozzarella for the top. A quick broil, and voila! A light, flavourful snack.

The only downside, is that we can't have a bonfire as we usually do, because the area is so dry right now. But that's okay - we should be able to resume our bonfire nights next month if we get some rain.

There really is nothing better than sitting down at a farm table full of flickering candles, and appetizers, with a lime daquiri in hand, surrounded by my funny, wild, lovely friends!



Blue Moon said...

I'll bring the Lemon ! :)

Rue said...

Absolutely - cheers!

Domestic Witch said...

Sounds wonderful! Can I come?

As me and my funny, wild, lovely friends say - Ya-ya!!

Rue said...

The more the witchier...I mean...merrier! Ya-ya!!

HappyCrone said...

I want to live in your town!

Rue said...

There's always a spare room for you HC! Of course, you may have to share with Daisy and Dexter!