Dec 9, 2009

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Yule

We had a bit of snow today - just a skiff - and it was lovely. I had a rather productive day....or rather....I did very little work and yet still feel like I made some headway. Which is nice, considering that somedays I work like a dog, and feel as though I've done nothing.

I picked up a few more gifts for no one in particular. These are sometimes my favourite because I find really neat things that may go to someone for a present...but may just be left over on the gift shelf after Christmas - which means I get to keep it!

I've also been reading "Yule" by Dorothy Morrison. It's a sweet little book that runs through the gamut of how Yule is celebrated all over the world, a spot of history, fun facts and superstitions, charms and little spells, recipes, decorations and crafts.

Did you know that it was believed that animals could talk on Christmas eve? And to ensure good health, you should eat an apple at midnight.

And to bless a toy for your kittens:

"Goddess Bast of feline friends,
Your powers to this treat, please lend
I ask you now to bless this toy
And fill it full of kitty joy."

Giggle - I think I'll use this on whatever fun things I get for Daisy and Dex!

Also on the agenda today was working on my meditation exercise for lesson 2 in my online course with C.P. Unfortunately, I didn't sleep well last night so there was a lot of head bobbing and not too much meditating!

I'm still wondering how I will get everything done in time for Yule and then Christmas, along with a move and working on a new business venture. I just need to work on one thing at a time...

I hope all your holiday plans are going smoothly and you are able to take some time to give yourself a break too!


Anonymous said...

I keep telling myself that I am gonna get some good books on the Sabbots and their histories around the world. Great info.


Free2bfree said...

Happy Almost Yule, Jen! Just be sure to stop for at least a few minutes each day to stop and smell the all the yummy scents of Christmas (since it's not so much the time most of us bring home roses). ~he-he~ Lotsa Love coming your way ... and please give the furry kids an extra scratch behind the ears for me! ~*~ Karen

halloween spirit said...

We had some snow yesterday as well, but as often happens it turned to rain and now I'm gazing out at slush.

Hope you manage to get everything done before the holidays :)

Mother's Moon's Message said...

I wondered how the great northern that blew through here may have effected you, yet you do live in Canada... duh... we are yet to get our snow.. just some wonderful cold weather... A brisk 12 degrees this morn... your book sounds like a good one... bless my kitty toys... wonder what Sweetie and Sunny would think of that...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love the Bast blessing for cat toys!

Tori said...

I wish we had gotten less snow here, we got at least 6 inches! Not sure on the exact amount becasue I refuse to go out and measure. Good luck getting everything done!

Tamara said...

I always love your posts. :) And thank you for your comments on my christmas rebellion. lol I've just had it with all the pressure, takes the fun out of it.

Come on over and see what I wrote about today...oh my goddess lol

Nettles said...

snow! Sigh...I'm dead jealous about that one.

Animals that talk on Christmas Eve? Hmmm...I thought it was the effects of the mulled wine I usually drink. Reassuring indeed.

Love the Bast Blessing! My feline associate approves.

Birgit said...

Hi Rue,

Thanks for visiting my blog -- I always LOVE to read your comments. :) By the way, the building behind the big Christmas tree at Munich's Mary's Square is not a cathedral, but the New Town Hall. :) Thanks for asking -- I really forgot to mention that. I now edited my post accordingly. :)

As for animals talking at midnight on Christmas Eve -- sure! :) I really like the thought.

Greetings from Munich,

Dede said...

The picture is gorgeous! I really like the idea of buying gifts for no one in particular. And then what is left is mine. hehehe You will get everything done that you need to get done. Don't stress, it's not good for you.


Hippie Witch said...

I am right there with you, Mama! Keep our head up and your heart open! BTW I grabbed your button and it's up on my blog

Bridgett said...

I love the kitty toy blessing! :D

I've been wanting to get all these Sabbat books...but this time of the year,it's just not feasible. Too many other things to buy.

Love ya, sista-friend.


Jessica Cangiano said...

When I was little my grandma used to tell us that all the animals of the world could talk (and by extension that's how Santa could instruct his team of reindeer), but I hadn't thought about that in ages. This year I'm going to pretend it's true again :)

Joyful wishes for a gorgeous holiday season, dear soul!
♥ Jessica

Hippie Witch said...

Lovely picture and lovely post!