Jun 15, 2010


As Midsummer approaches, I've been inspired to look around at some faery lore.  In my wanderings, I've come across the word "deva" thrown in often with discussions of the faery folk.

In a class at a Spring festival a few years back, I remember the leader talking about devas as another word for "angel."  However, in other spiritualities, they have been spoken about as more of a nature spirit or elemental.

"There seems to be a cooperative partnership between devas and human beings which has attracted attention in this time of increasing ecological consciousness. This partnership was discovered at Findhorn in Scotland and Perelandra in Washington, DC. It seems that devas are the "architects" of nature. A deva is assigned to every living thing, even the soil. They are the blueprint designers for all living things, and control all necessary energies for growth and health. At the two above mentioned facilities, it is said devas dispense information on planting, fertilizing, watering, and general plant care."    (paragraph found here)

The word "deva" comes from the Sanskrit language, meaning "radiant" or "shining" and indicates a being of light.

In Hinduism, devas are considered gods.  They are celestial beings that control forces of nature such as fire, air and water.

Devas are also found in Buddhism.  Their belief (found here) states:

Buddhist devas are not immortal. They live for very long but finite periods of time.

Buddhist devas are not incarnations of a few archetypal deities or manifestations of an all-embracing pantheistic One. Nor are they merely symbols. They are considered to be, like humans, distinct individuals with their own personalities and paths in life.

Buddhist devas are not omnipotent. Their powers tend to be limited to their own worlds, and they rarely intervene in human affairs. When they do, it is generally by way of quiet advice rather than by physical intervention.

Buddhist devas are not morally perfect. Some of them are capable of ignorance, arrogance and pride. The devas of the lower worlds experience the same kind of passions that humans do, including (in the lowest of these worlds), lust, jealousy, and anger.

With all the information about what a deva may or may not be, and the differing opinions (Zoroastrians believe they are 'wrong gods' or 'false gods',) I'd be interested to know what you think of these beings!


Divine Lotus Healing said...

How ironic you should choose to write about this now. I just finished a book in which they reference the Findhorn Devas and how to contact them for help in planting a spiritual garden. I am looking to create just the thing this summer in my new backyard! With your post coming literally 12 hours after my first encounter with the idea of them, I take it as a sign that I am supposed to work with them! :)

Jeanne said...

I, too, have read of the Findhorn Devas.
I prefer to think of them as elemental nature spirits. I have felt the presence of several that inhabit the WildWoods which surround me.
And before I plant anything I always ask them for their guidance....perhaps that is why my Echinacea is 6ft. tall!

mxtodis123 said...

Thanks for a wonderful post. I love faerie lore. I will have to read that book. Sounds right up my alley.

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Lovely and informative post. I LOVE Faerie lore! When I was young I had the Faerie's Book with all those lovely and sometimes scary drawings of the faerie folk and I used to study up on them and then go out to my yard and the wood across from my house and try to find them. An to this day, a lovely leprechaun named Lucky leaves tricks and treats every year on St. Patty's Day. Needless to say, my kids love faerie lore too. :o)

On a side note, me thinks a DEVA is far superior to being a DIVA! ;o)

the wild magnolia said...

I appreciate this post on Devas. Now I will consider them, research, and get to know them.

I am discovering the spirit world is a wide world of wonder. And, I am happy to know this.

We need all the help we can find. :)

Thanks for the share! Great post.

VintageSage said...

Wow, I would tell you what I thought about them but I never knew about Devas! Thanks for the information...this is great. I will have to tell my girlfriend. I love fairy lore as well. I am TRYING to do a painting of a fairy or sprite. I have it drawn already but I'm afraid to touch the paints, lol! :)