Jun 5, 2010

Farmers Market Saturdays

This great market is in Bozeman, Montana.  I really like the Alpacas and wish our local market had an area to show and sell livestock.  It's a great thing for kids to see too.  But we do seem to have quite the dog-show each week!


mxtodis123 said...

That music sure makes one kick up their heels. And, I love those little baby animals. How precious.

MarZel said...

How fun!! What a great video. Our farmers market not like that. Lucky duck!!


Linda in New Mexico said...

your farmers market is so refined compared to ours. We're a little rough around the edges....like rugged. tee hee but the veggies and fruit are good just no fluff and stuff.
The Olde Bagg

the wild magnolia said...

Great visit to Bozeman, Montana, Farmer's Market.

The Alpaca's have such sweet lovable baby faces.

You can buy pet cloths and have a tarot reading at the same place.

Food and vegetables look good enough to eat! :)

Thanks for the trip!

Hope this is a good weekend!

Tery said...

I LOVE farmers markets!! Not too many where I live!

Wendy said...

I love Bozeman, Mt. I spend quite a bit of time there in past summers when I went to visit some N. American res.'s. Wish I was there to enjoy the farmer's market. I love them.

mermaiden said...

i thought the pet clothes/tarot reading stall was quite amusing!

my in-laws have a ranch in Plains, MT and the kids look forward to it every summer :D

Mother's Moon's Message said...

looks like a wonderful market. thanks so much for sharing.. Montana is such a wonderful place...

rox said...

just popping in to let You know I have an award for You on my blog the natural catholic . I can't figure out how to email people via thier blogs so posting in the comment section .
I also can't remember because of my perimenopausal brian today if I may have already told you about this award lol mum brian mush today ☺
anyway thanks a bunch for Your great bloggy blog
lov rox

Dede said...

This has to be my favorite that you have shared. Maybe it's the critters, or music. That hot dog sure looked good. And the homemade bread and the cupcakes and the produce, now I am hungry. Wishing you a tranquil week!