Oct 24, 2010

Blog Tour Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Smudging and Blessings Book and the Way of the Hedgewitch is:

Susan Erickson from The Mermaid Gallery!


Please email me your address and I'll get this package right off to you.

Thanks so much to all who stopped by yesterday on the blog tour - it was lovely to see you!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winner! You'll definitely not be disappointed.

Rue I got my cards in the mail yesterday and I love them. :D I even did a photo journey of the unwrapping on my blog.

Thank you so much, again!

Susan Erickson said...

Yahoo! I love the sounds of this book and can't wait to read it. Thanks so much for this. I really appreciate it! good energy circulating all around..... Best, Susan

Robin Larkspur said...

Lucky Susan, congrats on winning a great book. Rue is a doll to offer a super giveaway!

Divaeva said...

yay! congrats to the winner! :)

Little Messy Missy said...


MarZel said...

Its been forever since I could be here. Glad to be back and congrats to the winner!! Do not miss my gift card giveaway...Happy Halloween!

Sus said...

Thanks for the award..... I just found it!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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