Nov 21, 2010

Dashing Through The Snow...Or Not

It's been snowing for two days here - light, ethereal little flakes.  Until today.  A quick, icy blizzard and now the roads are frozen with pretty, white ice.  Beautiful - but dangerous.

Ever the optimist (and procrastinator) - I decided to stay home from the office and piles of work that need attending to and snuggle in with a book and a cup of coffee and Bailey's Irish Cream.  The work will still be there tomorrow...

I'm also sorting out my Winter "Plans for Excellent Fun" - which is usually a large list that doesn't often get too many things checked off it.  Included are: sledding, ice skating, hot dogs & marshmallows over a campfire, snowshoeing and much more.

Also included is the sleigh ride I meant to take last year.

This clever little site (posted last year too) has listings of tree farms, Winter fun and sleigh rides in many States and Provinces.  Check out your area, and see if there's something for your Winter-fun list!  Or, you could just stay home with a good book and some coffee and Bailey's.  I won't judge.


faerwillow said...

~a sleigh ride...i haven't been on one since i was so very young!!! may have to look it up...enjoy your time snugged up in your home...the snow started here this morning...has been wet up till about and hour ago and its finally sticking!!! warm wishes and brigh full moon blessings~

TMCPhoto said...

We do a holiday fun list for the month of December but now I'm thinking we should be expanding that list to include the other winter months. This year will be tough for that though since we'll be busy with the little bundle of Bean at the end of January.

My parents have sleigh rides at their place every year. It's so much fun to bundle up and go for a ride, of course a little Bailey's is a nice addition to a ride too, as long as the seating area is safe if not a little baileys in hot chocolate afterwards would be a nice treat.

Eliza said...

Enjoy your day with the book and Baileys, sounds a perfect day to me :-)

Mother's Moon's Message said...

a bit difficult for me to get in a snow mood when its was 77 today... Yet our cold and hopefully snow will come soon enough I hope... The sleigh ride sounds wonderful.... yet a good book and baileys and coffee is just as good... I think I am actually looking forward to winter... at least the snow part

mxtodis123 said...

What a lovely sight, but I know how hard it is for you to get around. Sounds like you had a nice cozy day. When I was growing up in the country, there was nothing better than a sleigh ride with the snowflakes falling about. I can still close my eyes and picture it.

Kathy said...

Snow is predicted for Thursday but I haven't heard anything about accumulation. I'm not adverse to snow this year as I'm not driving my son to school four nights a week on country highways, but I'll admit I'm not looking forward to shoveling it.

Curling up in my bed and watching the snow out the window is my idea of Summerland. But only if I get to knit while I'm watching.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

A blizzard is a perfectly acceptable reason to stay home from the office!

Pallas Renatus said...

Yet another excuse this procrastinator can't use. Damn you, Florida! =)

The Frog Queen said...

Sounds lovely! Enjoy the snow!


TheBlakkDuchess said...

Ooooo... Now I'm going to have to make my own winter fun list... =D

I think that Bailey's + Coffee + books sounds lovely for winter evenings & that I'll have to find some stuff to do outside during the days. ^-^

Still prodding the sewing machine... Methinks I'll really take a good look at it on Wednesday... ^-^

Travel safely, if at all. I want NO stories of you getting hurt due to ice! ^-^


Dede said...

No snow here, so I think the coffee and Bailey's sound delightful! Please be safe if you have to travel.


Laura said...

oh a blizzard...i'm's supposed to be 73 here today. :(
enjoy the snow for me too.

Cora said...

Making the coffee Irish, my kind of girl ;-)

We live in an area where there's a greater chance of seeing a UFO in the sky than seeing snow fall. However, I can look to the East at a large mountain range that has snow on the peaks until June.

We take the boys into the foothills of said mountain range to get some "snow time", but I have no interest in living in it again! The last time was waaaaaay upstate NY where we got 14 feet that winter. No thank you.

On my "winter fun" list is watching the rain fall (and praying for lots of it), baking yummy treats, and reading some good books with my Irish coffee ;-)

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Thankies. I happily awoke without the headache, only to realize I was late for work... lolz... Ah, such is life. ^-^


TD (Tammy @ Journal of Evolution) said...

Make mine a Kaluha and egg nog and I'll bring the books!

Angelwick & Punky said...

Hello there! Just noticed you on my own blog in the follows section, and wanted to extend my greetings and my gratitude.

Birgit said...

We have had the first snow last night. In fact, I stood quite some time at my kitchen window watching the snow flakes whirling round and round. The magic of the first snow of the season. I guess I am a bit like Lorelai from Gilmore Girls in that regard...

Stay safe and warm, Rue -- and I hope you have lots of winter fun this season! :)


Tery Lynne said...

LOVE this post! OMG! Marshmallows, snow, snuggling...Missed you!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Hi sweet dear,

You're definitely a gal after my own heart! Winter just wouldn't be the serene yet wonderfully exciting season it is without the fun of sledding, ice skating, and marshmallows (both toasted and floating in a steamy mug of cocoa :D).

Thank you dearly for your recent blog comments, I really hope you're doing well and that the winter ahead will be an immensely wonderful one for you!

Oodles of hugs & wishes of bliss,