Jan 28, 2011

Waking Up

After a long-Winter's nap, I seem to be waking up slowly. 

I gave the house a good clean this week in preparation for Imbolc and opened the windows up for a nice airing out - even though it's still fairly cold here.  A little new energy in the house is a good thing!  Speaking of new energy - the above pic is my new housemate Beau. 

She was living with my friend's son for the last year, until he developed an allergy to her.  He was going to have to take her to the SPCA because no one wanted her.  So of course, I caved.  She is nutty and a pest - and I adore her utterly.

I've also been garden-planning, which definitely helps with the Winter blues.  I'll post my list of garden must-haves here soon.  For now, the only thing showing a stirring in the garden are the early bulbs (snowdrops, crocus) and there are tiny green shoots poking through.  That's enough to give me a bit of hope!

I know some of you are still under quite a bit of snow.  I hope you are hanging in there, and are finding little signs around you that signal Winter's eventual end!

Jan 20, 2011

Doing My Part

Doing my part to become "outrageously super-boring."

Sorry all - but January is kicking my butt.  Will be back soon (or when the groundhog re-appears!)

("Chuck and Beans" as always - by www.shoeboxblog.com )

Jan 10, 2011

Holy Hibernation Batman!

This was the view out the window of my car a few days ago.  It may explain why I've been hiding for the first 10 days of this year.  Although the snow has mostly melted (and turned to ice) I'm still having a hard time getting motivated and getting out of the house. 

I'm a natural hibernator you see.  While others rush out into the snow to ski and board and snowshoe and skate, I curl up on the couch in front of my electric fireplace and read books and make plans about how I'm going to be very productive...tomorrow.  (Naturally - as I'm typing this - it's beginning to snow again.)

Although I don't try to force myself to feel jovial about the Winter months - I do make an effort to find ways to incorporate some activity and projects to offset my hibernation tendencies.

When the weather is conducive to a walk - I still take my stroll by the river.  The wind-chill has been a bit much lately, but I've was able to get out twice last week.  While walking I make an effort to notice the trees, plants and nature around me and remind myself of the necessity of the plants being able to turn inward and store up new energy for the Spring.  I've also been treated to the sight of eagles & osprey fishing and some very pregnant horses in the field beside the river - another promise of new life.

Making lunch, dinner or coffee dates with friends is another way I ensure that I get out into the world this time of year.  It's a bit too easy to go from work, straight home and bunker in for the night.  Making time to get together with friends is a double-perk.  I get out of the house or office and I get a laugh with a pal.

Being supportive is a great motivator too.  A friend told me yesterday that her daughter is going to be in a public spelling bee.  Without thinking I said "please let me know when it is, and I'll come."  I also attended a choral concert in December and have plans to see a gymnastics competition soon - all because people I know are involved.  Are they activities I'm personally interested in taking part in - not really.  But I can get out and support my friends and their kids and spend a little less time hiding indoors.

Do you find that you tend to hibernate this time of year?  What do you do to get out in the world when you'd rather be inside?