Aug 26, 2011

Spread The Love

I always love hearing of great organizations that bring a little joy into the lives of those less fortunate.  Simple things that we take for granted - food, toys, school supplies, clothing - are items that so many others in the world are lacking.  These charities are endeavouring to bring those things into the lives of children and families.  If you have a few extra dollars this payday, consider these worthy causes:

88 Bikes is an organization that will buy a child in a developing country a bicycle.  A simple thing - so much joy!

One of my all-time favourite charities is Heifer International.  They supply everything from farm animals and school supplies to a well for a community.

Each year, I get together with my co-workers and collect new items to fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  These boxes filled with toys, school supplies, socks and whatever else we can squish in there, are sent to children all over the world.

Of course, we've heard alot lately about the devastating starvation occuring in the horn of Africa.  There are many organizations working on relief efforts, including CARE and Doctors Without Borders

Many are going through their own financial crisis these days, but it's amazing how good you feel if you just skip that latte and put the $5.00 towards helping someone else out.  And it doesn't have to be across the world.  Look next door - do your neighbours need anything?  Can you donate extra paper and pens to your local school?  Walk a dog at your local shelter?  There is so much we can do (whether monetary or not) to spread the love!


the wild magnolia said...

There are a lot of people who believe in giving to others.

It is a wonderful thing to help someone else.

L. Starkey said...

Thanks for sharing this list of worthy charities. It's so important to help where and when you can. My family just arranged to work at the local soup kitchen on a regular basis. My daughter initially did it as part of her high school's community service requirement and she felt so good about it that we've decided to join her and volunteer as a family. It'll be so nice to know we're making a difference in people's lives. Blessings.

Dede said...

It feels so good to help others. The shoebox is one of my favorites too. There is a local charity here that has been collecting school supplies for the local kids, times are tough and money in short supply. You can buy a lot of school supplies at a Wal-Mart. Not that I care for them, but for things like this I will shop there. Hope you are having a terrific weekend!


Anonymous said...

Such great projects. I love seeing the girls ride a bike, coming from a big bike riding country myself ; )
Have a magical day.

Kallan said...

Thank you for sharing these awesome folks with us! I have never heard of them, and they definitely deserve a shout out.