Oct 25, 2011

Giveaway #1 Winner!

The winner of the first Spirits of October Giveaway is....

New World Witchery! 

Please email your mailing address to me at:  rueandhyssop (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll pop this book in the mail to you.

Thanks to everyone that threw their name in the hat, and keep your eyes here...the next giveaway will be posted within the hour!

PS - if you haven't heard of New World Witchery, you seriously need to check out their podcast.  It's a fun and interesting look at everthing from folk magic to root work to old wive's tales and everything in between.  Right now there is a great storytelling series going on - perfect for Halloween/Samhain!  Head over to the website or download the show at iTunes.



the wild magnolia said...

Congratulations to New World Witchery!!!!!

petoskystone said...

congratulations new world!

rox said...

Congrats & wow Thanks for the link to what appears to be a wonderful website !
lov Rox

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love and the book! That's just stellar!