Oct 23, 2011

On Girls and Cupcakes

My niece and I made some cupcakes yesterday, in honour of the season.  I'm not much for cake making, so we cheated by buying an easy cake mix, but I did insist on homemade icing.  She was shocked that icing could taste so creamy - she'd only ever had the store-bought kind. 

It reminded me that the things I take for granted, like baking with my mom on weekends and holidays when I was little, are things that many kids don't have any concept of.  They think all food comes from the store - from boxes and from behind glass cases. 

My nieces have been out in the garden with me since they could walk, and have stood on a chair in the kitchen and 'helped' bake whenever I felt the urge to whip something up.  I want them to know that food you take the time to grow or create from scratch tastes better than something you buy from the store.

Having said that - I don't do it all.  I can't.  I don't have the time my grandmother had to spend in the kitchen.  So I ocassionally make exceptions by grabbing a box of cake mix, or a frozen pie shell.  But I always add something of my own to it.  Some part of it has to be created from home and kitchen, and a place of care. 

It just tastes better!

Super Easy Buttercream Icing

3cups of icing sugar
1/2 cup butter (1 stick/8tbsp) room temperature
1tsp vanilla
3-5tbsp cream

I'm sure there is some 'expert' way of mixing icing - but I just toss the ingredients into a bowl and go to town with a fork.  It's easier to use a hand-mixer of course.  But not as fun!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're creating wonderful memories for your nieces! Cool cupcakes!

the wild magnolia said...

I just love this, comfort cupcakes, family time, memories abound.

Warm and fuzzy feeling here.

Happy Almost Halloweens Eve.........

Debbie Brown said...

I loved reading this Jen! What a wonderful Aunt you are. And thanks for the recipe for buttercream icing! Hugs!!!

Birgit said...



jaz@octoberfarm said...

it is not so much the doing it from scratch but rather that you take the time to do this with them and how you put your heart into it. what a wonderful story!!!

HappyCrone said...

You and the girls should try bread baking, and not the kind in a bread machine, the bread where tou get in with your hands (and your heart) and knead until your pecs hurt and then the baking and smelling and then the cutting and eating. Nothing as Earthy as Bread!

mermaid gallery said...

the icing is always the best part anyways.....

Wizardess said...

So cute!