Nov 22, 2011

Mercury And A Wandering Mind

I'm not sure if it's Mercury getting ahead of itself, or just some strangeness in the air, but these last few days have been odd.  I've felt off my game, a little down and generally frustrated at everything.  Luckily, there are more than enough things going on here on the interwebs to keep me distracted.

Here are a few things that I've enjoyed or been mulling over lately:

~ Always an enjoyable and fascinating read, New World Witchery has a post on the lore surrounding walnuts.  I'm allergic to the buggers (walnuts, not Cory or Laine) but can appreciate the symbolism.

~ For years, I have been wanting to head to Caravan Farm to see the outdoor plays the theatre company puts on. This year, the play is "The Gift Horse" which is about a childless couple who is given a child by the Moon. This may be the year I finally get there!

For holiday hayrides or sleighrides in your state or province, check out this website.

~ Incorporating a Nativity scene in a non-Christian household.  My friend brought me back Nativity figurines from Mexico this year and at first I was perplexed.  Until I read Carolina's most recent newsletter at the House of Eleggua.  She did a post on the Nativity, here, but do subscribe to her newsletter where she discusses the symbolism surrounding the figures involved in the Christ story.

~ Speaking of Christ, or technically, his followers, there has been quite a discussion going on over at Twitter today about whether or not you should support a charitable organization (in this case, The Salvation Army) if they openly preach against GLBT rights. 

If an organization does great things with the money donated to it, yet does not operate at a level that speaks to your own morals and values, would you donate to them?  Does the good they do, outweigh the intolerance they may have?  Great points on both sides of this debate!

As we head into the start of the bustling holiday season, I want to wish my American neighbours a blessed Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) and wish you a safe and happy holiday!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I stopped donating to the Sally Ann decades ago because of their anti-gay activism. Same with any other organization actively working against GLBT rights. I simply donate the money to organizations doing the same kind of good charity work but which do not work against my interests and rights. The Sally Ann's not the only game in town, people!

Sobeit said...

Just wanted to comment on your feelings lately - "some strangeness in the air, but these last few days have been odd. I've felt off my game, a little down and generally frustrated at everything." I've been feeling that way and I've been doing more procrastion than usual - just drifting along.... But looking at what has been happening in our zodiac universe it is no wonder we are feeeling this way. We are in waning days, the last few days of this lunar cycle - Moon in Scorpio with all its extremes and heightened sensitivity - and of course Mercury is slowing no wonder we are feeling a bit 'strange'. Great post Rue - loved the references to the other blogs; walnut infro wonderful....

Jeanne said...

Thanx for all the links! :0)

The play, "The Gift Horse" sounds good. Hope you get over to see it.

And an interesting question for debate. I guess my answer would be in form of a question - would the charitable organization (say the Salvation Army for example) deny their services to someone(s) in need, if they (charit. organ.) knew that those someone(s) did not live by their way of thinking? If those services were denied, then I definitely would not support them! (could the organization even legally deny those services, I wonder?)
When I lived in Arkansas, there was a Salvation Army thrift store in town. This store was manned by volunteers from several different local Baptist churches. I frequented this store. On one visit I found numerous Baptist members inside 'discussing' ways to disrupt an upcoming meeting of Pagan people (as the Baptists referred to them) at a local person's house. Several women tried to get me to join the group. I ask them if they, being Salvation Army representatives, would deny assistance to these 'Pagans' if those people were in need - the answer was yes. I stopped frequenting the store.

Kathy said...

Since leaving Christianity, my son and I have stopped donating to any religious organizations at all, giving our meager donations to secular groups that offer aid without strings attached. But I have always thrown money in the pot for the Salvation Army for some reason. I won't be doing it anymore though in light of their anti-gay policies.

Ashling said...

Personally, I won't make donations to organizations that don't support GLBT rights, and as a Pagan don't have fondness for the salvation army anyway...I figure there are plenty more outt here that do good and need my $$. But I respect anyone who donates out of the goodness of their heart even if we're on different ends of the spectrum.
It has been a peculiar season, 'off' in so many way. Perhaps you're picking up on the unsettled energies in Mama Nature Herself? Hoping you can breath and get in sync these next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

I can't bring myself to help out any group that teaches hatred. IMO, if you hang out with people who practice hate, then sooner or later, their hate is gonna backfire on you.