Jan 19, 2012

Organized and Affirmized Giveaway

Alright.  I know "affirmized" is not a word.  But I have just created it.

I seem to be waking from my long Winter's nap - just in time for the blizzard of '12 to hit.  Although any sensible hibernator would go back to sleep, I decided instead to take a couple snow days and get myself organized.

I finished a few projects, fussed about with the layout of this blog (note the new Page Tabs at the top) and am working on my Materia Medica/Materia Magicka (basically a herbal scrapbook of sorts that lists the herbs I love and their medicinal and magickal uses.)

I'm making an effort to do some yoga every day again and it's amazing how much better I feel with just a half an hour of stretching each morning.  I've also gone back to my affirmation practice. 

Affirmations (I'm sure you know) are statements that assert or affirm that something is true.  We use these to help us break the habits of negative or destructive thoughts.  It's very easy for me to slip into the "I should be.." train of thought.  I should be thinner, I should be prettier, I should be more successful are all thoughts that stand in the way of my well-being.  So my affirmations are things like "I am healthy and full of vitality."  And "success and prosperity flow to me to enjoy and share." 

There are quite a few I try to say daily.  It seems silly at first, but I incorporate them into my yoga practice and say them while I'm holding a pose, or in between poses, and they make a difference in my mental state the rest of the day.

Now that I'm feeling affirmized, I think you might want to try it to!  So here's the deal: I'm giving away the queen of affirmation - Louise Hay's - Power Thought Cards!

These cards have some great affirmations on them and will get you started thinking about your own too!

All you have to do to have a chance to win these happy cards, is leave a comment and make sure I have a way to get a hold of you (by your blog or email address) if you win.  I'll draw the name of the winner in one week, on Thursday, January 26th.

Good luck - and happy affirming!


TMC said...

oooo, fun!

Barbara F. said...

Oh Rue, please count me in! I beat myself up mercilessly, and I happen to follow Louise on Twitter! Great giveaway, especially as the new year stretches ahead with all possibilities. xo

Jaidis said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! I love the word 'affirmized'..hehe


Charicola said...

Me too, me too!! Affirmations work like, well, magic- because, well, they are. lol You can find me at charicola@gmail.com

Diandra said...

Never tried affirmations, don't know if they would work with my twisted mind, but - count me in!

Robin Larkspur said...

What a positive and loving post. You are inspiring me too, and I would love to win the cards. Stay warm and cozy during the blizzard!!

Birgit said...

Happy cards? Now that's something for me! :) Jen, a big thanks for the chance to possibly bring some positive affirmations into my life.

I yet have to tackle Yoga. Right now I don't see myself there -- at least not yet. However, it was a Body Fit lesson and strenght and endurance training this morning. In two to three months, I might be ready for Yoga after all.

Big hugs,

PS: Wanna wear an Oktoberfest T-shirt while doing your Yoga? Come over to my blog then. :)

Willow said...

What a wonderful giveaway for this time of the year. Count me in please. Keep up with the yoga. I do mine every morning or at lease a short one.

Jennifer said...

These sound wonderful! Please enter me in the contest as well...and thank you :)

Hex said...

What a wonderful boost to a new year!

Please enter me in the contest as well. Those cards sound wonderful!

Summer said...

Please count me in! I too have been suffering through the wrath of winter (it's been -30 or colder here all week) and have been grumping around the house doing absolutely nothing. I could use some help finding bright, affirmizing thoughts!

Mother Moon said...

how kind of you to share your afirmations with us... and a great way to spend a few days snowed in. We have yet to receive any frigid weather yet I know that winter is still her and could show itself at any time.. Today.. I spring cleaned with my doors wide open... needless to say it was not that cold outside. blessings

Paulette said...

What a great give away! I've been working on affirmations too.
My goal is to cleanse away the negative so the positive can move in.
Please add my name to your list.


Land, Sky & Sea said...

Count me in too! Affirmations are definitely something I need to try. :)

E-mail: cancer_139@hotmail.com

Wulf said...

A few years ago I was on my way to a Pagan festival, and being a bit early, and I stopped at the local bookstore. In the window was a colourful new edition of Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life". I went right in and bought it, even though I've had a copy for decades and didn't know why I wanted another one.

Later at the fest, I attended a workshop by Deborah Lipp, and somehow the subject of Louise Hay came up. Lipp said that although she knew her work, she'd never actually read any of the books. I thought "Aha! That was it!" and was able to give her the book I'd bought the day before.

Anonymous said...

These cards look exactly like what I'm needing in my life right now. Crossing fingers that I win ; )

Natalie said...

Please count me in! I need to be affirmed! I know made up word! I'd love to have these cards! Natalie@Bridget's Daughter

Anonymous said...

This looks wonderful. The package of the cards looks very sunny !!
I would love to join in the fun !!
Have a wonderful day !

L. Starkey said...

Great post! I am getting back into yoga too after several years off, and I agree it makes such a difference. Please enter me in your giveaway. Many thanks!

Natalie said...

Hello rue I would love it if you added my button to your list, I already have yours,It was one of the first ones I put on my blog http://bridgetsdaughter5.blogspot.com

brandi said...

~good morning my dear friend...happy to see you here and feeling full of life once more...the tricks of our mind can be such a vicious thing and affirmations are a wonderful way to stay on top of the daunting words that can drag us down...ever so sweet are you to want to spread your light around to and for us...thank you so for simply being who you are...we like you just as you are!!! much love light and blessings~

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Welcome back from hibernation! =D
I've felt kinda like crawling out of my cave as well, but I think I'm only about half way out... o_O

I love the idea of affirmatizing. =D
I try to do this when I'm stressed out and feel like running down the middle of the street screaming... Most of the time it helps. ^_~

I think this is indeed a glorious example of "mind over matter". And thank goodness! =D


Bodhi said...

Have been studying the Teachings of Abraham so these would be more than awesome!