Feb 29, 2012

Green Magic Giveaway Winner

The winner of "Way of the Green Witch" by Arin Murphy-Hiscock is:


Please send me your mailing address (to rueandhyssop AT gmail DOT com) and I'll send out your book and seeds.  Congrats!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Leap Day today.  I am so very happy that March begins tomorrow! 

Welcome Spring!!


L. Starkey said...

I too am happy March begins today, but we've got snow and sleet on the way this morning in Northern NJ. Yuck! Spring can't come soon enough! Congrats to Jill on winning the giveaway.

jill said...

Oh I am so happy that I won your giveaway thank you so much,cannot wait to receive it.It is a lovely day here today the sun is shining and the birds are singing just hope it continues,I love spring.Love Jill xxx

petoskystone said...

Congratulations, Jill!

goddessandmagick said...

Love Ann Moura books Congratulations !!!!