Jul 12, 2012

Who We Truly Are

In the past few days, two rather prominent bloggers have released blog posts discussing who they are on their path and in their life. 

Sarah Lawless - The Witch of Forest Grove - discussed her realization that despite what others thought of her practice, and what she wanted out of it for a time, she is not what she thought she was. 

"I’ve been having a lot of revelations lately about my path. Some I’ve known for a while, but only in my head and not in my heart. One big one I’ve had to come to terms with is that I am not a healer and nor do I want to be. It was hard to accept that and let go."

*read the full post here.

Another revelation today was Teo Bishop who shared with the community via his blog A Bishop In The Grove, that he was not only our Teo, but singer-songwriter Matt Morris

"At some point, we must all come out. We must all be honest about how we’ve compartmentalized to excess, how we’ve created new masks — either out of fear or in an attempt to approximate privacy in a increasingly non-private society. We must recognize when it is time to integrate all of our disparate parts."

"But my coming out is not simply an act of confession about another online identity. I’m choosing transparency at this time because I believe doing so may be the only way I can move forward in both my music and my writing. I was never two people — I was always, only one."

*read full post here.

Having people in our community (magical/Pagan/witchcraft/insert-your-preferred-name-here) "come out" with their truths - their insights into their own path and share their journey with us is such an important offering.  It allows those of us who struggle with lables, with identities or with trying to fit into one box, to see that there are others who move and shape their lives in order to serve their true selves and spirits.

I'm grateful for people like Sarah and Teo and for their honesty and their willingness to be open in a world that at times can grab and twist and tear at openings.  There are bound to be those that throw out a barb or a dig, but those with real self-knowledge and the inclination to share that with their community are better able to rise above the ankle biters of society, and in doing so offer the rest of us a real gift.

I've found these posts to be an encouragement and a stepping stone to explore for myself, who the person is I show to others and how my journey might unfold if I were to simply release what I think I am (or what I wanted to be) and fully become who I truly am.


mxtodis123 said...

Thanks for sharing about these bloggers. I've some new sites to follow.

Hoping you are doing well.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great post, Rue!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post, thank you very much for sharing.