Nov 26, 2012

Coming Out Of A Mercury Fog

Three weeks ago, shortly after my last post, my computer cord decided to commit suicide.  I had replaced the cord only two months previous (there is a possibility that my laptop is blowing up the cords,) and I'm still waiting for the replacement to arrive.  Because my laptop is..."vintage"...the cord has to be ordered and cannot just be borrowed from any of the dozen people who graciously offered their cords to my cause.

My (also vintage) iPhone is not up to the task of blogging, and by merely trying to keep somewhat on top of emails and check into my social media sites from time to time, I've gone over my data allowances twice this month.

I"m not even going to get into what is happening with my beloved vehicle right now.

Mercury, which is now righting itself, rarely bothers me when it goes retrograde.  I take the situation into account when communicating with others and adjust my expectations, but I've never had any issue with electronics or travel.  But this time - I was hammered by it.

It truly is a chance to ponder what all these 'conveniences' offer and how we might function without them on a more permanent level.  I've missed blogging and reading other's posts.  Trying to read blogs on my little smartphone screen leaves a bit to be desired and so I'm feeling a little out of touch lately.  I'm sneaking a few minutes here, over coffee with my mother, to drop off this little update and a couple pictures of the dramatic fog that rolled into The Valley yesterday.

The upside to less computer time, is more time to catch up on my piles of books, my overflowing in-box at the office, and longer walks by the river.

I'll be back soon!

Nov 7, 2012

Signs In the Sky?

This past week, the sky has put on a show. The valley gets some very interesting weather systems. They are lovely to watch this time of year. By January, the low grey cloud will be monotonous and claustrophobic. But for now, I'm enjoying the formations, and doing a little aeromancy/meteormancy (divination using weather.)