Feb 20, 2013

To Make the Wounded Whole

"There is balm in Gilead,
To make the wounded whole;
There's power enough in heaven,
To cure a sin-sick soul"

~ African American Spiritual

In the last twelve hours, a great snow blew into The Valley and then melted again.  It was quite the blizzard as I drove home yesterday, and I woke to nearly an inch on the yard this morning.  But it was light and fluffy, and the warm winds came in shortly after dawn, and soon it was gone.  There is still the ice and deeply packed places in the corners of the yard that get little sunlight this time of year.  But for the most part, the end of the constant snow is near.

Today the librarian told me that her irises were coming up.  I've not checked mine - I haven't had the heart to go searching for life around the bulbs yet.  Tomorrow perhaps.  The most vibrant green I see this time of year is the moss that grows on the large boulders by the river.  I often stop and run my hands over the little green blankets.  It's the closest I get to new plant growth this early in the season.

The other item that peaks my interest this time of year is poplar buds.  After a few good winter winds, many little twigs fall from the poplar trees by the river, and the sticky buds on the branches are a prize!  The resinous material that seeps from the buds is nicknamed "Balm of Gilead" and is wonderful infused in oil and used in salves that are dabbed on wounded skin and rubbed onto inflamed or arthritic hands.  There are a couple great posts on using Balm of Gilead here and here.

In the Pagan-osphere, the first big festival of the season just ended.  After two years of tension surrounding Pantheacon, many hurt feelings and much confusion, it seems that the festival bounced back wonderfully.  Reports are coming in from blogs and social media that this was an incredible return to point for Pantheacon.  People came away feeling a sense of community, even with those whose practices were entirely different than theirs.  I'm looking forward to reading more as the attendees continue to blog about their experiences.  This is a festival that I plan to attend in the future.

Speaking of festivals/conferences, I've started booking my own tickets to events - the first two being Spark & Hustle (a business conference)  in Seattle in April, and Faerieworlds in Oregon in July.

February for me has been about shaking off the last of 2012.  Finishing old projects, filing papers, giving back that pile of books/movies that friends lent me that I was going to get to, but are still sitting in a pile on the bookshelf/beside the tv.  A good re-arranging of the living space while making use of some of my friend's mad Feng Shui skills, was also accomplished.

Thus far, 2013 seems to be the year of shaking off what doesn't work, repairing what is wounded, and getting things done!

Whether you have been hibernating (like me, last year) or hell-bent on clearing shit out, I hope February has been good for you.  March is nigh, ya'll.  Once my peas and lettuce go in the ground, it's all dirt, all the time for me, so getting my indoor world addressed now is a must!  The sun is coming...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

"The Year of Shaking Off" -- that would be a great title for a novel.

Rue said...

Ooh, yes! Will you write it? I'm running out of time before garden season hits! ;)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

maybe the reason i love winter so much is because it gives me the break i need before i hit the soil. so much work ahead!

Mother Moon said...

I keep finding my bulbs peeking out here and there and some have tiny bruises from the cold. Spring is definately ready to come

brandi said...

~i feel as if i am stuck between seasons at he moment...it is still very chilly making me want to stay cuddles up yet then mr. sun comes out here and there and i am filled with energy and warmth...my mind is stirring with thoughts of spring...yesterday i noticed our tulips are about half way up...much love light and blessings~

the wild magnolia said...

Shaking of the past years negative is a good way to put it. Begone all negative habits and relationships. Focus on all that nourishes our body, soul, and spirit.

Happy gardening.

Robin Larkspur said...

Definitely hibernating here lately, though beginning indoor organization. I like the "shaking off" concept.
No bulbs coming up here anytime soon.

Tilda said...

I like the "shaking off" and "repairing what is wounded"---and the "getting things done" although I need some help on that one...

Glad to hear you are coming to Faerieworlds! I have attended a couple of those and they are great fun :)

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I am out there searching for any sign of spring...does a snowstorm count?


Magaly Guerrero said...

I saw a very brave cherry blossom, yesterday.

February has been cleansing for me. The tail end of decisions; time for endings and new beginnings ;-)

greekwitch said...

I had just woken from hibernation, clearing out stuff, cleaning the house, throwing away all that is not needed when the flu hit me. Now that i have recovered i am back in hibernation mode, curled up on the couch again.
But today i will go outside and tend to my plants and flowers, they need it so desperately!
Yes i will, yes i will, yes i will!
Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed full moon!

greekwitch said...

By the way, the swans must be a beautiful sight. I have never seen them in the wild.