Mar 18, 2013

Green Greetings

Signs of life!

I spent Saturday outside reveling in the yard and gardens.  My back took a beating last week with the early plantings and there has been more yard work since.  Much yoga is needed!

The valerian is showing off already.  It is quite happy it its pot, but by next year I may have to find a spot in the ground for it.    Several of my potted herbs have outgrown their containers.  The evening primrose is hanging over the edges of its pot, so it will be the first to get a new home - as soon as the weather evens out a little. I managed to gather quite a few seeds from it, but because I didn't grab them in the late autumn, I'm not sure about their quality.  I'm trying to sprout some now.  If it works, I'll have seeds to share.


In the veggie gardens, the chives are happily popping up.  I'm itching to make a potato salad with these lovelies!

The chickweed is thriving and is flowering too!  It's hard to see, but if you click the pic below, you'll see the little white flowers.  They look many-petaled, but in fact the petals are merely split.  How many times have I posted about chickweed?  It almost competes with dandelion for my weedy heart.

The lady is waking up too.  I've got to take the shears to the lady's mantle, but she'll have to wait her turn.  This year, instead of rushing through all the chores, I'm trying to take time with each plant. It helps me to appreciate them more and sometimes I get a clue on how I might make use of them in new ways. The valerian in the top photo was the first to get a nice clean up, and it really spoke to me about taking time for myself and making time to relax.  This year I'm going to infuse some of the wonderful-strange scented flowers in oil.

My wishes for spring go out to all of you - especially those still under snow.  We've had a few flurries here, but the snow no longer stays on the ground.  Although the time change kicked my butt last week, I have to say that I'm rather happy with the longer days.  No more driving to and from work in the dark, which is wonderful.

Even more good news - the spring equinox hits on Wednesday, and Mercury is out of retrograde.  Good things are afoot!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

my lady's mantle is popping up too. that stuff sure does spread! i will be pulling some out this year!

Mary said...

I really enjoyed your garden tour and the enjoyment tending it gives you. Weed away, my friend :-). Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures !!!
I do hope good things are a foot ; )
Happy Ostara

Tilda said...

Yay, spring! I just love this time of year. Garden on!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Thanks for the good wishes. We got a couple of inches of snow a couple of days back. I'm delighting in your green ;-)