May 19, 2013

It's In The Cards - A Few Great Readers

I hit a bump last week and needed a bit of advice.  Normally, when guidance is needed I try a few things on my own first.  Meditation, a walk in nature, working with my tarot cards, drinking a blender of daiquiris with my bff, you know - the usual.  Often, the act of being quiet and listening is enough to get a clear sense of where I'm at and what needs to be done.  Last week, however, there was no clarity.  There was an underlying sense of I feel this is perhaps where I'm headed...maybe...  Not really enough to go on.  Plus, my last nerve was worn weary from nurturing a sick kitty.  Time to ask for help.

Fortunately, I happen to be brushing e-shoulders with some amazing readers of late.  I put a call out and had an armload of helpful responses.  All of them had the same message (through different divination techniques) and confirmed what I had been feeling.  The encouragement was wonderful and allowed me to take a big step forward with confidence.

After the Sylvia Browne mess of last week, I think that it is easy to dismiss readers as fakes, con-artists or simply people who are looking for a bit of fame (or cash) at any cost.  This is not an accurate picture at all.  The intuitives that I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with have been nothing but professional.  The best readers always stress that your life path is your choice and a reading only shows a snapshot of where you are/where you are heading right now.  Things can be changed.

There are many talented readers out there who have every interest in your well-being and satisfaction in their services.  Most of these people go into business specifically because they feel a calling to help others reach their full potential.  I want to spotlight three people here who gave me a hand last week in seeing clearly.  My case was rare in that I had access to a group of people (many of whom were readers,) and I simply put a call out for a tiny spot of advice.  I was fortunate to get a great response from several people.  I don't recommend though, that you hire out multiple people to read for you at the same time.  Pick someone who piques your interest and get one reading.  Multiple readings by different people are a good way to become confused. Take the advice, glean the gems from the reading, and move forward with your life!

These ladies are my Big-Time Awesome Reader recommendations:
(I could go on, swooning over and complimenting them, but I think you should just check them out instead!)

Bri Saussy - Milagro Roots

Sara Magnuson - Candlesmoke Chapel

Jacquelyn Tierney -

(PS - if you ever get to the interior of British Columbia, I also have two awesome local reader recommendations - email me or message me on Facebook and I'll give you the lowdown!)


The Country Witch said...

I too think if you've got a gift then there is no problem expecting to be paid for it just as any other skill or gift. I charge for tarot/oracle readings - as it relates to Sylvia Browne (never was a fan), I don't answer questions about death or things like that because it is too subjective!

I too am a supporter of spiritual services being a life's career and as such being an earning point so no one should ever be made to feel like they have to do it for free if they don't wish to.

Mario Zeleny said...

Hey!!!! Nice to see you again after so long! So, I did not know about this Browne fiasco. But funny I found your post and this has come up for me recently.

I am embarking on a new career. I am in Seminary and getting my certification as Transformational Life Coach. I am extremely intuitive but balk at even mentioning it. I figured I could still benefit the people I serve without even telling them. I am so afraid of crap just like this and all the woowoo crap that is out there... sticking to me.

Thanks for being a voice of support and reason. You know, they just started certifying coaches for this very reason. Perhaps we need to start certifying intuitives-- which includes a commitment to a code of ethics.

So nice to see you again and that you are still blogging. Many of the people I follow are no longer blogging, sadly.

I know I have been away for such a long time; I am afraid life happened. I know its a lot to ask, but I would like to invite you to my custom art giveaway on blog:

Thank you for your thoughtful post and engaging nature!


greekwitch said...

Thank you for the wonderful wish!
Coming from a family of psychics i always run to them for help, but it is also great when i get to meet new people "doing their thing" and different methods. In our family we read mostly cards and coffee. But i just love hand readings and runes!