Apr 23, 2014

Spring Madness

The rains have come to The Valley and everything is madness.

Each blossom, leaf, catkin, and every other thing holding tightly to itself in bud form, has burst forth in exuberance and sweet relief.  It will not be this green, this sweet-smelling again.  

Saskatoon berry blossoms

I could hear the frogs long before I reached them today.  And when I did arrive at the pond, their calls were so loud that I was entirely overcome.  I stood there for ages, swaying like a crazy person, drunk on the sound echoing in my ears.  So very quickly, as if it wanted to join them, my heartbeat matched the song of the frogs. 



I'd still be there rocking back and forth, my heart singing with the inhabitants of that pond, if someone hadn't stopped on the road above the river to look down at the strange girl keeling from side to side. I must have looked like I was having an episode. I waved and continued my walk, but I swear that my heart is still back there somewhere by the water in the midst of a thousand calling frogs.


Anonymous said...


I so love the coming of the frogs! They hit here quite awhile ago, and they are deafening!

A few nights ago the fireflies showed themselves again...

You should have mail shortly!


Linda Wildenstein said...

Your somewhere sounds divine. I have to wait until we go camping to hear the frogs. I adore that sound.

greekwitch said...

Frogs are such magickal creatures! Thank you for this post.. You took me there with you!

sandra hagan said...

i listen for the Cicadas. Heard the first one in March.

i have been in the country and heard the frogs...they are impressive.

Sarah said...

I love the frogs. The frogs mean spring to me like the cicadas mean summer. In another week or two, I'll be putting up the hummingbird feeder. I love this time of year!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, I LOVE saskatoons! There's a lady at a local farmer's market who cultivates and sells them in the summer and I love buying a bag or two from her. Unfortunately, I must have missed her last summer so I didn't get any. *pout*

Misty Bearmother said...

Beautiful post!! I started to hear them too! <3