May 29, 2014


Sometimes people and/or things just rock my world in a way that makes me smile extra brightly.  I feel as though there should be a proper place to record these delicious bits of awesomeness instead of just chucking them under a random blog tag.  So from now on, if you want to know what gets me jumping up and down or swooning with delight, you can simply check out the tag "smitten."

Today I've got two talented folks on my mind.

The first is artist, designer, intuitive, and all-around kick-ass biz chick Jacquelyn Tierney.

That new header of mine up there (that I'm totally in love with) - Jacquelyn made it.  She's also helped me with things like social media buttons, and streamlining the look of my blog.

I'm still working on tidying up a bit, but without her help, I'd still be using a cookie-cutter template and header (not that there's anything wrong with that.)  I just really wanted a simple theme that felt like me, and a bit more of a "clean" look. Jacquelyn listened to all my crazy ideas (and my whining about adding buttons) and gave me exactly what I wanted.

And she's not just a design star.  She has a variety of fabulous services she offers:

Oh - and don't forget to get on her email list - the best things pop up in your inbox!

The next person I want to shine a big spotlight on, is someone you've heard me mention a time or six.  I'm pointing a big smile in his direction today though, because I've been wearing the pendants he made, and they make me feel like a million enchanted bucks.

Aidan Wachter is the mad talent behind the stunning silver charms created at Tveir Hrafnar.  A "talismanic jeweler," Aidan works tirelessly to craft these pieces by hand and then place them in the care of magical-minded people.

Not only does he produce his own gorgeous designs, but Aidan also works with his clients to produce sigils or talismans of their own invention.  I've already got design ideas swirling in my little brain!

Sarah Anne Lawless posted a fascinating interview with Aidan a few months ago that allows us to look into his craft and his inspiration.  It is definitely worth the read.  He also has a great blog at Hotel Vast Horizon.

I'm the proud wearer of the "Compass Rose" shown above, and "Hecate's Key."

There you have it - my picks for "folks who are making me smile today."  Do stop by and visit these lovely websites if the inspiration strikes you.  You too, could be smiling like a crazy person!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Smiling like a crazy person does it for me every time. ;-D

Danni said...

You are ridiculously adorable with your crazy grinning! :)

Wulf said...

What a great smile you have! Now that I've seen your smile and heard your voice (on Dean and Hob's podcast), it feels like I know the person behind the blog.

Rue said...

So cool that you listened to the podcast! I'm just as silly in person. :)

kerrdelune said...

So glad to read this post and discover the luscious links - is the photo of Queen Anne's Lace

Rue said...

Very close - it's actually a flower from a garden carrot! I've never had one flower before, and I fell in love with it & let it be.