Jul 14, 2009

Last Quarter Dilema

I started thinking about the moon yesterday and I realized that I don’t pay much attention to the last quarter.

I meditate quite a bit during the new moon, sending my energy inward to mirror the new energy building as the moon begins to wax.

During the waxing moon, I think of my desires, set out goals and enjoy the energy building as Luna grows stronger each night. By the time the full moon has arrived, I may be planning a spell to send out my intention to the universe, or designing a ritual of offerings to a specific god I work with as a petition, or of gratitude.

But by the time the moon is waning, I seem to find myself waning and my path working falls by the wayside. I don’t feel especially connected to the 3rd quarter, and the last quarter seems like a blank space in my practice. It doesn’t move me the way the rest of the cycle does. I’m trying to figure out why.

The first clue I’ve found is that this part of the cycle of the moon, is harder to see. I’m a visual girl. You can talk in my ear as much as you like, but if you show me something - I can do it right away. I get it. The moon in the 3rd and last quarter doesn’t rise until midnight, and sets at noon. That means, unless you are up in the middle of the night - or look west in the morning before the sun blazes too brightly - you will miss it.

The waning moon is also said to be the time for banishing, which doesn’t particularly resonate with me. I’d rather draw things to me or, when the situation is appropriate, do a protection spell for a situation or to guard myself from my own (or outside) negativity. I don’t personally feel the need for a lot of banishing.

Upon further reflection, using this cycle for a little letting go as far as habits and unwanted energies/situations are concerned, might be worth looking into. I like the idea of letting go of un-needed stuff - as I tend to drag my baggage around with me, until it gets too heavy and I need a big purge. Perhaps I should be using this time to ‘check in’ and see where I’m at. What worked. What didn’t. And realizing that I’ve done the best I could thus far, and offer myself a break.

Maybe this cycle is a bit more about moving beyond than it is about heavy-duty cleaning. I for one, need much more opportunity to nix the ridiculous guilt that finds me like cat hair finds its way onto my black pants. I think that concentrating on reflection, while keeping the proper perspective is important. Realizing that at times I may have made an error in judgement, and being able to witness those things without blame, allows me to look forward to my plans for the new cycle ahead with more positive outlook.

I think I’m beginning to like the waning moon.
(The moon enters it’s last quarter on Wed. July 15th. Enjoy!)

Picture by Rue

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Hibiscus Moon said...

So funny you posted this. I usually don't pay much attention to the Last Quarter for the same reasons you mentioned. Please take a look at my most recent post. :)