How we roll, at Rue and Hyssop:

We will eat our weeds, because they rock our world, and nurture our soil. We will never fear having dirt under our fingernails, because it shows we dug deep. 
Cat hair is an accessory. 
We will show kindness and compassion, and if we want to wear a black bra with a white t-shirt, by gods, we will do it. We will be in awe of, and give reverence to, the earth, the seasons, and the perfect lime daiquiri. We firmly believe in the power of bonfires and the moon, and we know that there is always room for a little more magic. 
We have faith that we will stumble upon some small amount of awesomeness wherever we roam, and we are convinced that we smell amazing.
Grab a broom. Come along for the ride.

Welcome to Rue and Hyssop!  I am your wild and wanderlusty (totally a word) hostess Jen. I live in a gorgeous Valley in British Columbia, Canada, where I spend a good portion of my days in my little gardens, wandering the hills, wrangling cats and nieces, fiddling with herbs and attempting to stay out of too much trouble.

This blog is meandering, like the valley rivers I follow on my daily walks.  You'll find posts about gardening, wildcrafting, spirituality, farmers markets and festivals, folklore and more.  I have eclectic tastes and myriad interests, so hang in there while I steer you through creating herbal goodies, wax poetic about the seasons, get all giggly over pretty vegetables, show you fab finds on the interwebs, and chat about my personal practices and goals in body, mind and magic.

Rue and Hyssop enjoys featuring some wonderful folks on the web - check the "Links & Loves" page for fabulous authors, podcasters, blogs, and shops. I love to share the goodies I find, especially books, so make sure you have a chair pulled up here in October, because 2019 will mark our 9th annual "Great October Book Giveaway."  In October 2018 nineteen lucky folks received books, card decks, and a few other amazing treasures, from various wonderfully talented authors and artists!

There's something for everyone here at the blog.  Pop in and put your feet up.  Coffee is always on and a bottle of one of our Valley's famous wines is always chilling.  Cheers!

(Sometimes still known as "Rue" - I answer to anything, darlings!)

PS - you can check out some of my herbal goodies at my shop Three Cats and a Broom.