Aug 21, 2009

Daily Ritual

Now that the intense heat has made a reappearance, I find that my morning practice is falling by the wayside again.

By the time I am up, kittens sufficiently cuddled and treats given, coffee started, garden watered, it is so hot that I don't feel like doing my usual meditations. On a good day (one that doesn't start off at 85 degrees at 7am) I am able to get the above done in good time, and then devote anywhere from a half hour to an hour to greeting the elements and Deity, doing some yoga, and meditating. Or, when it's not ridiculously hot, I go out for a walk by the river and that usually accomplishes most of my practice in one activity. (Some oxygen going to my bloodstream, appreciation of the elements and some time to reflect.) It's amazing what I can squeeze into half an hour, but it leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed and ready to start my day.

On days like today though - I am exhausted already. The heat and humidity are opressive. Even in an air conditioned home, I am dragging myself around just waiting for the coffee to kick in. And when I'm not feeling up to par, haven't had enough sleep, or during my moon time, I just can seem to get myself motivated enough to worry about my practice.

I know that for one, I am too hard on myself. Many people have difficulty doing daily ritual - life just gets in the way. I don't have kids to rush off to school, or a husband to kiss at the door (or wave at from the bed.) But because I'm always running, it seems like the morning is the best, and most quiet time to do my reconnecting. Plus, it's the one time of the day that doing physical activity doesn't result in me bursting into flame!

I'm wondering what you do as far as daily practice or ritual. Is it as simple as lighting a candle each day, or do you find time to do an established routine? Do you incorporate exercise, or get your exercise another way, and just take a moment to connect or meditate? I'd love to know how others are able to squeeze a little spirituality into their day!

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Bella Foxglove said...

I wish I had the motivation for a daily ritual. Altho, I burn candles and incense every day, and that takes me to a 'zen' state of mind, so in a way I suppose that would qualify....

I am an 'indoor' girl 8 months out of the year...I despise...loathe even...heat. Funny, since I live in Florida...but I digress...

In the Winter I am always taking walks, and I sleep with my bedroom vent closed off in the winter, with the window cracked open, and tons of blankets on the bed...all snuggly warm...and I am ALWAYS more spiritual in the Winter, it is when I come alive.

The hot and warm months of the year I just kind of ooze around like slug..all slow and sticky feeling. Yuck.

So I fully understand not wanting to go outside for fear of combusting on the spot lol..

Jupiter Greenmoone said...

Hey Rue! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm still trying to define my own daily ritual but it absolutely is house-bound in this heat. I crave the Fall at this point, I need to be out of doors but I HATE sweating within thirty seconds of stepping foot out of doors. Isn't it rotten? I've taken to walking my dog late at night. She needs the exercise and attention and I need the fresh air! I love the night sounds and she loves chasing all the bugs. Other than that, I've also adopted the practice of lighting incense in my kitchen when I'm cooking or cleaning, or just in some need of grounding!

Bridgett said...

Rue..first, thank you so much for that beautiful spell for my son. I got a little teary-eyed reading it. It was simply lovely. I will definitely alter this a bit for his needs and perform this Tuesday evening before he starts school.

Second...boy, do I know what you mean about scorching, humid, heat. It withers me to, to the point I don't feel like doing anything at all during the day. Thankfully, this weekend is supposed to cool down some, with the days being only in the 70's.

As for my daily rituals, I usually meditate in the evenings after the kids are in bed and while my husband is out doing his evening walk. And I almost always have a candle lit during the day.

It's not fancy, but it's the best I can manage with two small kids. :)

Love & Light,

Rue said...

Boo - I'm glad you could do something with it - it was definitely crafted with lots of love for my neice, so I know with your words and love it will do the trick for your son!

Blue Moon said...

Hi Rue~
I have a practice of sitting out back in the mornings for quiet meditations. Our yard is by no means isolated. We have immediate neighbors with yards that abutt ours on each side~ so, my only recourse has been to go out very early - anwhere from 5:30 am - 6:30 am before the rest of the world is awake. The schedule that came about out of necessity - became a great pleasure - as I have found this is just a wonderful way to start my day. The rear of our yard has a canal and foot path running along it, so by 6:30 or so we have a slight parade of joggers going by. So, I bounce out of bed very early (no alarm clock needed) make my coffee, and sit out back, taking in dawns break, the awakening birds, the slight breeze that sways the weeping willows above, and the gentle transition from night sky to morning sky. There was something I wrote on another blog about my morning meditations giving me a sense of calm that stays with me throughout the morning like a secret in my pocket :)
Unfortunately I have a job that can be very stressful - not physically but mentally. My work involves daily review of child deaths, one of the worst sins I can imagine, and it takes a specific mind set to start the day with calm, and effort to not "absorb" all the negative energy. So my "practice" is more or less a "survival skill". I'm sorry to go on so, but I started by touching on the subject, and went from there :). My only desire now is to find time to build further daily practices in for yoga, etc. and more frequent rituals. The rituals are harder due to my lack of privacy in my yard, and since it is often seldom that I have the house to myself (hubby and kids).
I wanted to touch on something you mentioned in one of your recent posts. The property near you that you described. Sometimes property's are sitting with nothing more than "back taxes" due. Maybe your acquisition of that space is not out of reach, but anyway - in that post you wrote about things near there that "call to you". This peaked my attention. I also have experienced things that "call to me". I can't explain it, but it happens, and I find a connection to these things. I would love to hear more about your thoughts and experiences with this, and how others have experienced the same. I am always intrigued by this.

Domestic Witch said...

About this time of year I start a daily tarot ritual. Each morning I pick one card and focus on it's aspects for the day, it's not so much divination as introspective.

Rue said...

Thank you for all your insightful posts!

I really would like to incorporate a daily tarot reading as well. Sometimes I get in the habit of picking a card a day, but it's often the first thing to fall by the way-side when I get too busy.

Blue - a morning ritual really does become a way to stay in balance throughout your day - I can see how it would help with your job. How lovely that you have a space to do that in your yard!

I think I will take your suggestion and explore about why things 'call' to you. Perhaps if I don't fill my weekend to the brim like I usually do, I may find time to post on this!