Aug 28, 2009

How Does Your River Flow?

"We call upon the waters that rim the earth, horizon to horizon,that flow in our rivers and streams, that fall upon our gardens and fields, and we ask that they teach us, and show us the way."
American Indian, Chinook Blessing Litany, Earth Prayers from Around the World, 1991

I was listening to a podcast by Thorn Coyle today - she has a show called "Elemental Castings" that I find wonderfully informative. She usually does interviews and each show is conducted according to one of the five elements.

The latest podcast was under the element Water, and was simply Thorn doing a reading from her newest book "Kissing the Limitless" and answering some questions as well as revealing that her path is changing. Although she has been part of the Feri Tradition for years, she has decided to no longer teach the tradition as her journey is now encompassing many other paths.

One of the things she mentions in this podcast is how the current of your life is contained by river banks and sometimes you may need a wider boundary and so your river may overflow the banks. I find it interesting that this came up today because many of the blogs I've been reading feature stories of people who's "life current" is moving in different directions or overflowing their banks.

I've been feeling quite a bit of restlessness myself - a feeling that I need to perhaps change my course or stretch my wings - or overflow my banks. I have some ideas on how to input some of this change, but I get nervous because I worry about what my family and friends will think. (I don't pay too much attention to the disapproval of strangers - so that's something, I guess!)

Thorn says in her podcast that when she made her change, there were some people who were disappointed, but she was mostly met with support, love and respect. She says once we dare to go for what our soul longs for, the Universe will support us.

I find this incredibly encouraging. I know that change often rocks the boat - but I think if it's change that flows with the true current of your life, things can't help but balance out. There may be some shedding of the old, in terms of relationships, but in the long run I think the payoff is worth it to live a life that's more genuine to who you really are.

I'm looking forward to seeing how my fellow bloggers find their true current, and I'll let you know how things go as I make some changes of my own!

Photo is by Rue - The river where I walk.


Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Interestingly, it often seems to be our families that we worry about most. But often times we learn that they are far more willing to accept our changes and love us anyway...than we believed they would be. My personal path in life is not tied to any ONE of anything, especially religious views. The older I get, the more I have come to believe for myself only...that my spiritual journey is a very personal one that may never converge completely with others...and I've learned that I'm okay with that. And my own path changes constantly as I learn and grow, and grow out of, different modes of thinking and being. I personally believe that we should always be like water...flowing with the changes in life and evolving from our experiences. Change can be good when we learn not to fear it so. And trust me...I struggle with not fearing change. Enjoy your journey! :o)

Bridgett said...

I look forward in the coming months to hear about your journey and the changes you're making.

I think our spiritual path...just like our life path, changes and evolves as we grow and mature. It's a normal cycle of life and while it may be a little disconcerting, it's necessary, I think.

None of us want to become stagnant or dissatisfied.


greekwitch said...

Good luck with the changes you are going to make.

Laurie said...

What a wonderful post. I definitely think my current is moving in a different direction. I always worry about what people will think ~ I always seem to be seeking approval. I really need to work on letting that go...
Thank you for this post ~
"once we dare to go for what our soul longs for, the Universe will support us." Wow!!

Bella Foxglove said...

This post comes at an interesting time, because my path is changing as well. I have been an Eclectic Witch since I was a teen, but now I am embracing a more Native American spiritualism part of my path..and 'over-flowing' the banks so to speak.

Others I know are also going through similar path changes, so maybe there is a Universal shift going on somewhere?

Wonderful post, I look forward to reading about your journey!

Blue Moon said...

It's like the river you walk near, there is an ever changing current, and the energy is swirling with this activity. You naturally absorb that energy. Change is growth, and rebirth. What a wonderful thing. It might be nice to time your changes as the upcoming season shifts into your favorite time of year. You will be in your element wth the onset of fall, and likely at your spiritual peak (?)
Please keep us posted on your journey. And I wouldnt worry too much about your family.. it seems there is enough love there to sustain a little boat rocking :)

Rue said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments. My shift is more life path (career) based, and less spiritual I think. I feel very full as far as my spirituality is concerned. Once I got over the feeling that I had to be one thing or another exclusively (Hedgewitch, Druid, Shaman)- I felt a great freedom in my Path.

As for my career - I've always gone the 'safe' route. I think that safe is not a good place for me to grow - so there is definitely going to have to finally be some change there...

VintageSage said...

Oh I have definitely been feeling restless myself! I know that change is beyond the horizon for me but which way, how, what is the question for me so I think my river is stagnant at the moment. :( This looks like an interesting podcast. I'm definitely checking it out!


Peaceful blessings...

Michelle :)