Aug 19, 2009

The Land Where Grapes Grow Wild

"The sun, with all the planets revolving around it, and depending on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as though it had nothing else in the Universe to do." Galileo Galilei

This picture was taken by a river where I walk in the mornings. Grapes grow wild over a rundown fence that surrounds just under an acre of ignored land. An old house sits there too - needing to be pulled down. The land owners live somewhere else - in the big city, I think. There is a tiny modular house near the road access, and sometimes I think I see someone living there. But it is a mostly forgotten place. Fruit trees grow lanky and untamed. Lilacs bushes sprout everywhere, nearly choking out the grapes. The grass remains un-mowed.

But there is magic on that land. Something about it has always called to me. I walk by and I can see the gardens I have planted. The house I have built. The barn. The porch. I see the fruit trees pruned and healthy. I see the grape trained properly and growing with vitality, not struggling to find sunlight. I see the lilacs kept in check, and blooming beautifully. I see my neices running barefoot, large bonfires with friends, quiet rituals without the glare of neighbours security lights in my backyard.

I dream of finding the owners and buying the property. But land like that, even forgotten, is worth a mint. And unless a mint (or a cash truck, or the winning lotto numbers) falls from the sky, I will have to be content with my morning walks and my imagination.

And a few wild grapes, when they ripen...


Teacats said...

Yes -- I have seen many bits of forgotten land -- and neglected houses that I have wanted to rush in -- and bring them back to life. Lately I've seen many of these sad, soul-dead houses and gardens around our very basic suburban area too! Makes me stand quietly and literally send out healing energy! I am so grateful to have Rosemary Cottage and our little garden full of herbs!

Jan at rosemary Cottage

Dia said...

oh, dear! I, too, have seen the garden I would plant, the things I would do - & have, a couple of times, ended up living there!
I realized awhile ago that my 'Star Song' (Illahee tsil tsil shanti - place of the stars singing), a '100 yr old 2 storey farmhouse' in town reminds me of one we'd drive by ~ 10 miles S of here, & I always loved! There used to be an old couple & curley horned sheep. Window placement & such is a bit different - but the style - 2 storey on the left, shorter on the Right, is very much like mine!
& a few years ago, my daughter looked up the tax record for the house next door (a rental) contacted the owner, the price was right, & she bought it!!
So. you might, just for the heck of it, check into it! You never know . . . .

Rue said...

It's brilliant that you bought a house that looked just like the one you loved - and that your daughter is the admired house's neighbour now!

The land I love did come up for sale once, six years ago, and I ran to the realtor's to say I wanted it. But the owners had already decided not to sell and just hadn't taken the sign down. Perhaps I will try to find them again. Maybe things have changed in six years...

Bridgett said...

I want to buy it too! :)
It sounds magickal. It truly does.

Maybe we can combine resources and buy it together. :)