Dec 12, 2009

Holiday Fun

Sloan over at Whisper Woods was ever so sweet, and passed this game of holiday fun on to me, that was originally created by Heather. I know it’s made it’s rounds, and I’ve enjoyed reading what everyone has to say about their holidays and traditions.

Here are the rules:

- Copy and paste the questions to your blog.
- Then Tag 5 or more of your favourite blogs and leave them a comment telling them they have been tagged.
- When you post your blog, please spread some Holiday Cheer, and leave a link back to Heather's Blog as well as the one who tagged you.

Here are the questions:

1. Have you started your Christmas shopping?
Just a little...I am really behind!

2. Tell me about one of your special traditions.
My parents, brother and his family, and as many friends as want to join us, go up into the hills for a campfire to roast hotdogs and marshmellows, and go sledding.

3. Are you a Black Friday Shopper?
Afraid so. But I have to drive 3 hours South (I live in Canada) to get to the city with all the sales. It's a yearly tradition for my best friend and I.

4. When do you put up your Tree?
I'm helping my parents put theirs up tomorrow. I'm moving, so no tree for me.

5. Do you Travel at Christmas or Stay home?
Travel to my parents - only 10 minutes away!

6. What is your funniest Christmas memory?
Probably the year my Uncle and Cousin (2 tough cops) put on a play that required them to act like women.

7. What is your favorite Christmas Movie of All time?
Too many to count. The original Grinch. Christmas Vacation. The Muppets Christmas Carol.

8. Do you do your own Christmas Baking, what’s your favorite treat?
I bake ginger cookies and something called "Amish Bread" which is something the Amish would never make, because it's far too rich and sweet!

9. Fake or Real Tree?
Real tree. Recycled to the fire dept. with a donation to their equipment fund. The trees get mulched and the city buys the mulch for it's gardens.

10. What day (as a mom) does the actual panic set in to get it all done?
I'm not a mom (yet) but I was in panic mode a week ago. Now I'm just numb.

11. Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve?
Usually - yes.

12. What is your favorite family fun time at Christmas?
Watching my neices open their presents.

13. What Christmas craft do you like the best?
Throwing the cinnamon stick in the cup of rum and eggnog. What? That's not a craft?

14. Christmas music. Yes or No, and if yes What is your favorite song?
Yes. A toss up between "River" and "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

15. When do you plan to finish all your shopping?
Ugh - this year....on Christmas Eve.

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Anonymous said...

A Canadian Yule! How awesome. I can just picture you all sledding and eating those ginger cookies and amish bread. Canada has beautiful winters, although Michigan isnt too bad.

stay blessed


Anna said...

Ha Haaa! I love your crafty ideas cinnamon sticks and rum....ahhh what crafty ideas will I partake in :-)

Ange said...

The sweet Amish bread sounds delish! Mmmm - have just made muffins, think I shall go and whip up some eggnog now!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

Ah Rue you are so crafty... #13 just love it.. will have to see if I can do that....

faerwillow said...

~rue....i love hot dogs & combine that with a campfire & sledding...sounds delightful! to number 10, numb, i am sorry emotional journey, to wonder, to think of the possibility, the curiosity of what if, and then the final word...brighhtest of blessings~

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I thoroughly approve of your idea of crafting, Rue! I like Joni Mitchell's "River" too but you know, it's not the cheeriest of Christmas songs, now is it? How about "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" instead? Still tragic, but funny too.

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

Your Christmas sound perfect. I would never think to have acampfire and hotdogs for Christmas but is definitely something to ponder.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

That cartoon is too funny!!
I think the Amish here would eat your Amish bread. I used to work for a family and they had parties with TONS of rich sweet food. They were always bringing donuts and other goodies to share at work:) (you should post the recipe sometime)

Jessica said...

I had a good laugh over the cinnamon sticks LOL I just typed up my responses:

Chrissy said...

Hello from another Canadian!!! Glad I found your lovely blog!! We are in Ontario,still no snow here,how about you? All the best,Chrissy

Jessica Cangiano said...

How delightfully fun, tagging games can good for a smile every now and then, can't they?

Thank you so much for your many wonderful comments, sweet friend. I really hope that you're having a splendid Yule season!
♥ Jessica

Dede said...

Oh I love your crafting #13 very original! I have never done the Black Friday shopping, never have been that brave.


Bridgett said...

Ha! Your craft sounds an awful lot like mine. :)

Loved this!


Kekibird said...

Woohoo!! A tag! Thanks for thinking of me :o)I LOVE The Muppets Christmas Carol. One of my faves!