Sep 8, 2010

Bearing Fruit?

Pomona, a wood nymph-cum-goddess had a lackluster interest in love.  She preferred to spend her time pruning and watering her fruit trees (her name comes from the Latin word pomum which means fruit.)  Although she eventually fell for Vertumnus (a god of changing seasons and agriculture,) she turned away many suitors in favour of her passion for her orchards.

I'm hearing her name whispered on the breeze lately.  It could be the Autumn scent of apples in the air, or perhaps the harvest coming in and the Equinox approaching.  But I think it's less the fruit, and more the fruitfulness that is on my mind.

Autumn is the perfect time to turn inward and to reflect on our productiveness thus far.  Did we accomplish what we set out to do this Spring and Summer, or were we courted by distractions? 

One of the exercises I've come across recently is to list all that you have accomplished this year, and then list all that you wanted to accomplish and have not.  Perhaps there are things on the "accomplished" list that you hadn't planned but happily achieved.  And maybe there are things on the "have not" list, that weren't as important as you first thought.

For me the trick is balance.  In order for this project to be successful, I must resist beating myself up for those things I didn't accomplish, yet still be firm enough with myself to observe where change and pruning is needed. 
"I am doomed to an eternity of compulsive work. No set goal achieved satisfies. Success only breeds a new goal. The golden apple devoured has seeds. It is endless." ~Bette Davis
What I don't desire, is looking at my fruitfulness as just another stepping stone up to a pedestle that cannot support me.  This quote from Bette Davis seems applicable in today's view of what is "success."  Rather than think I have to be a certain way or shape or person, I'd rather look at my individual accomplishments as successes, even if they keep company among occasional missteps or unfinished business.

I admire Pomona's commitment to her fruit.  She let very little get in the way of shaping her harvest.


Mother's Moon's Message said...

beautiful post. I agree with the feel of autumn. It is everywhere it seems. Although I know eventually I will be longing for spring again, I welcome fall with open arms..

Susan Erickson said...

Pomona is my new friend as I make apple pie and muffins. Commitment is different for all of us. Autumn does seem to make us assess our path......

faerwillow said...

~rue...i am very much a list maker and i l♥ve the idea of reflecting upon achievements and refocusing my desires of what has not yet come to be...thank you so for sharing such a fruitful way to look inward at ourselves...wishing you l♥ve and light always~

Cellar Door said...

What a lovely blog to herald in Autumn days! Thank~you! ..."Pomono On the Breeze"... What an enchanting name it would make for a special parfume fragrance, or maybe the title of a romantic bed-and-breakfast getaway... (Oh, how my wheels begin to turn when I read here!)

P.S. Please DO come for a visit: I Hope They Have Pudding, where an award awaits you!

rox said...

I've not heard of her before but I love the sound of that name ! to say it on my tongue it just rolls ☺ Pomona Pomona I like it ☺
isn't autumn such a time of stirring the spirit . I love this so much . I feel so blessed we live where we can experience such seasons . Thanks you for shring I'm going to think of Pomona the next few days .