Sep 10, 2010

Lady Autumn

Lady Autumn  ~ by Deirdre Akins

Lady Autumn, Queen of the Harvest,
I have seen You in the setting Sun
with Your long auburn tresses
blowing in the cool air that surrounds You.

Your crown of golden leaves is jewelled
with amber, amethyst, and rubies.
Your long, flowing purple robe stretches across the horizon.
In Your hands You hold the ripened fruits.
At Your feet the squirrels gather acorns.
Black crows perch on Your outstretched arms.
All around You the leaves are falling.

You sit upon Your throne and watch
the dying fires of the setting Sun
shine forth its final colors in the sky.
The purple and orange lingers
and glows like burning embers.
Then all colors fade into the twilight.

Lady Autumn, You are here at last.
We thank You for Your rewards.
We have worked hard for these gifts.
Lady Autumn, now grant us peace and rest.


TheBlakkDuchess said...

Ah... This is just lovely. ^-^
Thanks for sharing it with us! Hope you're having a good weekend!


Divine Lotus Healing said...

So lovely! I adore the fall season and this poem captures my sentiments, thank you for sharing it :)

Jeanne said...

How beautiful! It truly captures the spirit of the season!

Susan Erickson said...

lovely...the goddess in all her glory...

TMC said...

I love the use of the word 'rewards'.

Linda in New Mexico said...

just a lovely thought to share. thanks, The Olde Bagg

Sara said...

Such beautiful words to read this morning. This time of year is a joy indeed. xx

mxtodis123 said...

Such a beautiful poem about my favorite time of the year.

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Ooohh...beautiful poem. I am going to copy and print this out to put in my Halloween/Autumn Grimoire! :o)

The Frog Queen said...

I love that!!! Thanks so much for sharing.