Oct 30, 2010

The Blue Lady and the Ice Cream Ghost

Every town has them.  Ghosts.  Hauntings.  Just about everyone I know has heard a local story, or knows someone who lived in a house or near a house that was haunted.  Whether you believe that these are just tall tales, or that a spirit or residual energies can stay behind when a person passes - ghost stories seem to thrill us.  Especially at this time of year.

Here are two from my area:

The museum in my town, is a fairly modern building.  Built in the 1960's, the building also houses the public library and a good sized meeting room with a stage.  The museum has it's own separate space, and archives many interesting items.

Between the years of 1990 and 1992 the museum went through eight janitors.  Each janitor supposedly quit after seeing a lady dressed in blue wandering through the museum at night.  It wasn't until after the bones of an unknown woman from the 1920's that had been stored in the archives for years had been moved, that the sightings stopped.


I have worked for a local gourmet food and gift company for 20 years.  The building that houses the store is very old and unique.  One evening in the Autumn, just after closing up for the night, I was in the back room when I saw a man dressed in a dark suit and a hat walk from the front door over to area where an ice-cream freezer stood.  I came around the corner from the back room to serve the man (wondering if I had made a mistake in locking the door) and found that there was no one there.

I relayed the story the next day to a co-worker of mine, who asked me what the man looked like.  I described him, and she laughed.  "Oh - that's just our ghost," she said.  Since then, a half dozen of our employees have seen him over the years, and a few of my more sensitive co-workers can always tell when he's around.  He doesn't show himself often, but when he does it's usually during the Autumn for some reason.  And he seems to enjoy setting the windchimes to swinging.

There are several more haunted places about, including the winery that my brother works at.  If you take some time and look into your own town's history, you might be surprised to find plenty of ghostly sightings in your area.  A haunted tour is always a fun way to learn some history about where you live!
Wishing you all a very Blessed Samhain and a Haunting Halloween!


Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

I always love a good ghost story...real or not! :o) Great post!

Also wanted to wish you a most Bewitching Halloween/Samhain! May your evening be filled with magic and mayhem. (more magic, less mayhem...ha) Enjoy!
~ Wendy

faerwillow said...

~good morning miss rue...samhain blessings to you as well...may you celebrate and enjoy the spirit of this day...much l♥ve and light always upon you~

Jeanne said...

Nothing better than ghost stories for Halloween! Wonder what flavor the Dapper Gent likes?

Happy Halloween!
May the coming year bring happiness and harmony, good health and prosperity to your hearth.

Robin Larkspur said...

Thanks for the ghost stories! Sending Samhain blessings your way! Happy New Year!

the wild magnolia said...

I love ghost stories!

Happy Happy Halloween.

TMC said...

Merry Samhain, Rue!!

TMCPhoto said...

Thanks for sharing the ghost stories. I always enjoy a good spine tinkler. The house my Mother in Law lives in has two ghosties.

Happy Samhain!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Spooky! Have a wonderful Halloween and may Samhain's New Year bring every blessing your way!

Kathy said...

Samhain blessings upon you!

I love the paranormal so any ghost story is welcome. Especially if they're personal. Thanks!

Ellie said...

Happy Halloween and Samhain Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a ghost story or two to share at Halloween. Have a wonderful one, hugs and sparkles - WG

Kally83 said...

I always love a good ghost story, thank you for sharing!

I just wanted to ask you to pop over and visit me if you get a chance, I have a little something for you :)

Lyn said...

Oh, I love your ghost stories. I'm always interested to learn about experiences of ghosts and hauntings. Thanks for sharing :-) Blessings, Lyn

Lady Cattra Shadow the Scarlet Cat said...

Hi, I'm just stopping by to let you know I gave you a couple of awards. Stop by my blog to check them out!