Jul 2, 2011

Farmers Market Saturday - Farm Stand Tour

I know I've spoken of farm stands before, but I'm going to sing their praises again!  Today, instead of hitting the farmers market, I took my younger niece to the next valley to check out the farm stands.  The great thing about a farm stand trip (besides the obvious goodies) is the drive in the country.  This time of year, with everything in bloom, the warm sunshine and the scent of cut hay in the fields, is the perfect time to take a scenic drive out to the farm stands.

The small town I drive out to has about a dozen stands along the roadside.  You have to hit at least three of them each time you go, just to see what's in season and what specialties they offer.  In season now:  cherries!

And tomatoes!  Although these are a bit unripe for me.

One must-stop stand for me is the place that sells fresh Samosas.  I treat myself to one or two of these amazing Indian delights whenever I'm in the area.

My niece liked them too.

On the way out of town we spotted this funky frog welcoming visitors to an antique store.

A perfect day.

Take a drive this Summer and see if you can spot a farm stand in your area.  Support your local farmers and take home some wonderful produce!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That frog is either designed to hold a flagpole or it's doing something rude.

Robin Larkspur said...

OMG, you live in a spectacular section of the country. Glorious mountains, beautiful skies. Great farmstands. How fab! I have never had a samosas, but it looks delicious! LOL! Debra, I see what you mean about the frog.

Rue said...

Lol - I totally had the same thought! Naughty frog!

the wild magnolia said...

Great farmer's market, a beautiful trip, and yummy goodies.

Love the Funky Frog!

Happy Sunday.

Brenda said...

Love the frog! so cute, just finished watching an estate sale on hgtv, they had an awsome carosel horse, old and so great looking! thanks for sharing your day!

Dede said...

Oh Jen, I was so thrilled when I came home and found out they had started the farmers market again here! I enjoy my drives out of town, but it sure is nice to know I can go down town to get my produce for the week. So yummy, those cherries look. I also found a little farmer over by mamas house that is really nice. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that next year I will have my own garden once again....