Jul 20, 2011

Sunshine and School Supplies

The sun has returned to the Valley just in time to help us over the mid-week hump and carry us through to the weekend!  Although I'm a fan of the cooler weather, I couldn't help but be happy to see the sun return to help the local fruit along.  Some of the wineries are starting to get worried that their crops won't ripen before the Autumn.  I predict an Indian Summer though - temps here always stay fairly high (in the daytime at least) right through September.

Speaking of September, I was grabbing a few things at the store this afternoon and noticed that the school supplies are out!  Always a sucker for some pretty pens and fancy notebooks, I drooled over the aisles of bright markers, pencils and Post-Its. 

Then, wandering into the magazine aisle, I spotted this:

The first Fall magazine cover!  (Click the cover to visit the Country Sampler webite and see what's inside this issue.)

Yes, I hear some of you groaning!  Sorry Summer kids, but this kind of thing gets me all excited!

So, while I'm eager for the sunshine to grow the corn that is so late stretching up in the field that I drive by each day, and to plump the peaches I long to eat from the market, there is still a little kid in me that can't wait for Fall to arrive!

On a more serious note, my heart goes out to those farmers in Texas who have endured the worst drought in 40-50 years and have lost entire wheat and corn crops.  We tend to forget in the Valley, while some are whining about too much rain, others would give everything for a drop of moisture.  Hoping the government will be swift with aid, and the rain gods will be more merciful next season.


mxtodis123 said...

Glad you are having some sun. I'm like you with the fancy pens. Where our office is moving there is a huge Staples that I used to get lost in. Can't wait for that part of the move.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I still love to go and fondle all the shiny new school supplies when they first get put out in the stores. Gawd, I loved school.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine how the farmers must be feeling. It's the same here in The Netherlands. First they had two incredibly dry months, when the produce was supposed to start growing and now we've had wayt too much rain.
I love the magazine. I have taken a peek on the website !! I love Autumn too ; )
Have a wonderful day.

halloween spirit said...

*sigh* The appearance of school supplies in July always makes me feel like summer's over just as it's beginning.

On the other hand, I see I now have to go magazine shopping! :)

Jeanne said...

I still get excited when I see school supplies arrive in the store aisles! :0) Woo Hoo for the Autumn Country Sampler magazine!!! Must keep my eyes peeled for it.
It's been an extremely long hot and dry summer here in Arkansas as well. I am so longing for those cool Autumn days.......

jaz@octoberfarm said...

get out of town!!!! you found a Fall magazine???!!!! i have been looking at all the stores on a daily basis and not one has shown up. no more grilling and corn recipes for me this year. and i can do without the 108 heat index we have today as well! i am going to that website right now to check it out!!! yippee!

Sarah said...

We are the same here...coool summer. The crops are coming reallllly slowly. Some of my summer flowers have not even bloomed yet! Felt like Fall yesterday :0!!
As for school supplies...WHOOOT. I looove school supplies..the office supply store is trouble..but the school supplies..ackkkkk! LOVE!
Seriously I am ready for the fall already..depite my kids sighs...they are so not ready LOL!

Hugs, Sarah
Off to see the sampler..whoot!!

Wulf said...

Southern Ontario is suffering under the same drought as the US. Fortunately we had a wet Spring, which left enough moisture in the ground to carry us through the first few dry weeks without much stress, but crops are starting to suffer now. Hay fields benefited from the early rain and hot sun, and it looks like a good harvest, but the grain is already ripe even though it's scarcely half as high as it should be. Strawberries were good this year, but they're finished much earlier than usual.

Yesterday looked promisingly cloudy, and we did get about 6 drops of rain, but that was all. This morning it's as clear and sunny as ever.

Anonymous said...

Hurry up, Autumn!

Dede said...

I love the school supplies too! Looking forward to Fall this year, never have before. Young son informed me he wanted to move to where it is cooler in the summer. Have fun with those new pens.