Aug 30, 2011

Florida Water

Florida Water is a wonderful cleansing spray for your home/space. It’s also used for luck, protection and ancestor work. Florida Water gets it's name from the old belief that the Fountain of Youth was located somewhere in Florida.  The 'water' was originally manufactured as a perfume.  There isn’t one specific recipe for Florida Water. Depending on where you look, I’ve seen recipes that can include any number of ingredients, including the following:


Making your own spray is fairly simple. Use equal parts of alcohol (vodka, grain alcohol) and pure water and add the essential oils of your choice from the above list until you find you have a pleasing scent. (Note: if you are using only essential oils and no plant material, you do not necessarily need the alcohol.)

You can also make this with plant material, which is more labour intensive but really gives you a connection to the spray. This is the way I like to make mine.

When I decided to make a home clearing/cleansing spray, I wanted to enlist the help of my local plants. I went out for a walk into the hills around my town with some friends and asked that the plants/trees that matched my purpose would offer up some of their material for me. I was drawn to a massive pine, growing out of huge boulders, and collected some pitch/amber. I also came across a tree that had grown over on itself and looked like a doorway, that I collected some leaves from. A few more plants spoke to me and I brought them home to add to the mixture.

To the ‘inspired’ ingredients, I added:

Dragons Blood

(It’s a wild mixture, but the spray has this incredible way of making a space feel clear and protected at the same time.)

I put these ingredients in a large jar (charging each ingredient with my purpose as I go) and then filled it with half vodka and half spring water. I let them steep one moon cycle and then put one ounce of the ‘mother’ mixture (without the plant material) into a 4 ounce spray bottle and filled the rest of the bottle with water. The longer you let the plant material sit in the mixture, the better. I ended up letting the mixture sit for almost a year, and finally strained it this Spring. It’s very potent, and will last me a long time!

Whether you make Florida Water simply, using some of the more ‘traditional’ ingredients, or whether you forage for your own materials and create your own inspired mixture, enlisting the help of plants is very rewarding!


Robin Larkspur said...

I think your Florida water must smell incredible as well as being suffused with power. Look out, negative energy, you are so outta here!!

petoskystone said...

great post!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I take it that Florida Water, despite the origins of its name, does NOT have any age-defying characteristics? If only, LOL!

Amaranthine said...

Florida Water is one of my favourite things to craft. I've never used a couple of the plants/oils you suggest, so those will be next on my list of herbs to grow and buy.

sophiadawn said...

THANK YOU!! I love this post and your recipe too. I have some Florida Water that I bought and while it is very nice, some I make myself will be fantastic.

Tamara said...

This sounds absolutely wonderful! I've never heard of it before and you know I've got to make some. :) I like your idea of putting some wild ingredients in it also...i think a walk is calling me. Thanks so much for sharing this. :)

the wild magnolia said...

Tremendous share, I am so happy to have this. Rue's Florida Water.

Happy Summer's almost over.

Carolyn said...

You inspire me and leave me in awe of your connection with the planet. We should all be so respectful of Mother Earth so she will willingly offer her treasures to us.

And to nurture something for a year! Truly impressive.

Maggie said...

Did you have any problems working with the pitch? I've thought about making a tisane (?) with one before adding it to a spray bottle.

Rue said...

Maggie - I definitely kept the pitch (and other plants) in the large 'mother' bottle and strained the liquid before adding it to the spray bottle. I made the mistake once of adding a piece of dragon's blood resin to a spray bottle and it just gummed it up. Now, I strain everything!

Lois said...

Sounds like that would be a good spray to cleanse when leaving, and to spray when you move into a new home. Hmmm, thank you.

Mina said...

Your Florida Water sounds so enticing! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipe.