Aug 22, 2011

I Spy With My Little Mastercard - Art!

I've been in an Autumn mood this past week.  I've been seeing the geese flying overhead to settle in the lake South of our little town.  From there, they start their long journey to warmer climates for the Winter.  I've noticed some of the underbrush turning colour and the sky is getting that golden, hazy look that it gets when August is coming to a close.

There is still quite a bit of warmth left for us.  We usually get a gorgeous Indian Summer in September.  It's the perfect weather for me.  Warm, but not too warm.  I can wear blue jeans, but still wear sandals and t-shirts.  Even though the Summer is not done with us yet, my thoughts are as ever, turning to Fall.

I didn't get to the farmers market this weekend, but have been perusing my favourite online market Etsy this past week and found a few fun Autumn items.

From Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist, I bought some pretty postcards.  Anyone who reads her blog knows that she has a wonderful eye for photography and decorating.  I'm going to have fun sending these cards out this Fall!

I also ordered some Halloween tags from another wonderful blogger, Wendy, at The Halloween Tree.  Wendy's Etsy shop is called Artful Gypsy and has some of her cool digital art listed.

And I couldn't pass up a print of this amazing painting of Marie Laveau, by Carolina at House of Eleggua.  Amazing work, isn't it?  She now sits in a lovely frame on my altar.

I think I did pretty well on the shopping end of things last week.  Now to catch up on the gardening! 

Please note:  each photo used in this post is linked back to the owner's website.  These photos are used for promotional use only and are property of  the individual artists.


mxtodis123 said...

I am so looking forward to autumn. Can't get here fast enough for me.

Robin Larkspur said...

I always love your "I Spy" posts and this one is fab. Love love love the Marie Laveau painting; what talent the artist has! You did well in your Etsy escapade!!

Wizardess said...

Just loving Marie Laveau! I have always been interested in her, but the tipping point into research hasn't happened yet.

AlphaBetsy said...

I love Vanessa's pieces. I have some of the cards that I ordered last year and I am going to order more this year to mail out.

Marie Laveau is gorgeous as well.

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Oh...well thank you so much for stopping by! I am putting your package in the mail today in fact. I know it's a little delayed, but I wanted to add a few little extra things in there for you!

And my mind is always drifting off into Autumn enchantments as well....but sadly the hot weather and hurricane threats always manage to jerk me back to reality...ha! Be on the look-out for your package soon. (Not sure how long it will take to make it to you.) Hope you put it to good use! :o)

Carolyn said...

Too funny! I have been in a nesting mood myself and have been making my own purchases on Etsy as well. Is there anything more exciting than that precious treasure finally arriving in the mail?