Nov 12, 2011


"Iron repels evil of all kind...  In addition to providing protection, iron enhances and stimulates the growth of one's personal magic powers, so that you are stronger and better able to protect yourself, requring less outside spiritual protection.  Iron also invigorates general vitality and energy."
From Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, by Judika Illes

Last night I went to a preview party for a local metaphysical shop/venue that will be opening in our area.  The lovely lady putting on the party and opening the venue, gifted me with a large helping of iron ore.  I'd been scavenging for iron nails lately, but had come up empty-handed, so this was a treat!

Iron ore is not pure iron.  It is a rock from which iron can be extracted.  The ingredients in these rocks are usually hematite and magnatite, which are iron oxides.

I'm actually quite thrilled with the little iron ore pellets.  Someone like me, who is gifted in the art of clumsy, is not generally suited for carrying around a nail of any type.  A round iron pellet is a much better idea, and will ensure I don't pierce any body party by accident.

Some uses of iron include:

~ iron in the bed protects from nightmares and spirits.

~ a circle of iron, placed around sore or skin ailments is said to prevent them from spreading.

~ iron can remove the evil eye.

~ water from a blacksmith that has been used to cool iron has healing properties.  People who can get their hands on this water would use it for bathing and other applications.  If you can't find blacksmith water, you can simply put iron in a cloth bag and hang it from your faucet while running a bath.

~ horseshoes, which are considered very lucky, should be hung above the door, using as many of the original nails as possible.

~ a horseshoe nail can be bent into a ring form and worn for protection.

~ iron is also the main (and usually only) ingredient in War Water, used to hex or protect against hexes.

I can see that I'll be having fun using and sharing these little treasures!


Anonymous said...

Now I need some!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know all these things, fascinating that it is for strength especially because when people are low on iron are generally tired and weak. Thanks Rue!

the wild magnolia said...

You cannot do what you do not know, it is good to know more.

Thank you, for sharing.

Barbara F. said...

I need some, too! How can we contact this shop? xo

mermaid gallery said...

it works as a mordant in the dye pot too and gives a marvelous deep dark black i know how to get rid of that darn evil eye....

Birgit said...

What about using an iron skillet for cooking?


Rue said...

@Birgit - I would imagine that using a cast iron pan for cooking would be a great way to do some kitchen witchery! You could cook with the intention of protection for your family, or even for luck. I love cooking with my cast iron pans when I'm camping!

Rue said...

@Barbara F - unfortunately the shop isn't open yet. Let me see how many I'll need/want, and if I have a few leftover, I'll share! :)

Lady Rose said...

I'll have to keep an eye out for some iron - great info.

Beth said...

I thought you posted a recipe for truffles!