Nov 4, 2011

November To-Do's

November is that liminal time between the last of the harvests and the beginning of the Winter.  For me, it's always been a time of floating between jobs, projects and nesting to prepare for the cold months. 

Because we Canadians have already had our Thanksgiving, there is not a particularly festive atmosphere around this month (except, perhaps for those people who decorate for Yule/Xmas early.)  I was joking with a friend the other day, that November is merely my chocolate detox month between Halloween and Christmas.

Still, I feel a renewed sense of energy and interest in accomplishing things on my to-do list this month.  Luckily, I've stocked my to-do list with fun items as well as the usual responsibilities.

Rue's To-Do:

~ Dig out Winter accessories.  Donate boring/blah gloves & scarves and wear bright, fun ones instead!  I picked up a cat-hat a few weeks back, and am already using my awesome fingerless gloves (made by Sarah) at work.

~ Learn how to make Eggs Benedict.  I had a fun breakfast with the girlfriends this morning, and had the most incredible Eggs Benedict.  I'm still reeling from the amazing Hollandaise.  Martha has a recipe I'm going to try.

~ Spend more time with my personal practice.  My meditation time has been sadly brief of late.  More connecting to the gods of my understanding is needed as well.  I found this post by Star Foster, about "worship" in Witchcraft, of interest today.

~ Detox.  All joking aside, I ate entirely too much chocolate in October! 

~ Get outside!  The winds have come, but the sun is still shining here in the Valley.  I'll be spending some time walking by the river this month and enjoying the late Autumn air.

Happy November!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

what a good plan! i will wait until spring to do this though!

Meadow said...

Thank you - the cat hat put a big smile on my face. And a few giggles. It is indeed time to dig out the winter woollies, I've been on the hunt for my husband's gloves. He had to wear a pair of mine the other day. I can't believe he managed to get them on.

Ashling said...

Since you're still celebrating--blessed Samhain! Your to-do list sounds familiar, but I like 'get outside' best of is glorious here, and I'd far rather be outside then inside working!

Blissful Moon said...

I admire your list - very productive items on the agenda

my to do list is too long to think about! But I have a short list of "have" to do - so that is what I'll work on for Nov. Already finished my power point presentation for an intro to qi gong healing workshop I'm giving (my first!) - had to learn to use power point first so it took forever LOL was worth the effort though

best of luck and Happy Nov., Lady Rose

Dana Wright said...

I have a long to do list myself. :) Wanted to invite you to a holiday blog party. The Witches Yuletide Ball cohosted with me and The Witch of Howling Creek. :)

Hope you can come. Share with all of your readers.


Dana @

Michelle said...

Rue thank you for coming by and your sweet thoughts for my beloved Mocha. I've been away entirely too long. I hope your November has started out great and you get everything done you want. My kist is entirely way too would stretch into nect year for sure! Love and blessings...Michelle, Quincy and Emma.

Bogaman said...

A chocolate detox month ay. I need one of those. X.

Carolyn said...

What a great list! A few of them mirror my own. Now that you have mentioned it, my meditation practices have fallen to the wayside as well. Thank you for the reminder.