Dec 3, 2011

Lighting Up December

Each year, on the last Friday night in November, a village in the Valley has a light up celebration in the center of town.  I've missed the light up the last four years, three of which I've been *blush* Black Friday shopping across the border in Washington State, and one year I was in Mexico. 

Foregoing the big, commercial aspect of the holidays this year, I'm staying local and participating in the smaller celebrations (and giving smaller, handmade gifts.)  This light up was a nice start to the season for me. 

I love this little town!  All the buildings in the main area of town are required to have an old English 'look' to them.  Not surprisingly, there's a very busy Fish & Chip place here!  Wandering around town were carolers and a town crier, who were all dressed in Victorian garb.  And then there was this guy...

I had seen him walk by a few times, and then finally had to stop him when we happened to be in the same shop.  It turns out that his daughter made this sweater for him.  She knitted it and added all the decorations.  He was a very proud dad!

One of the most important stops at any street fair or festival - the mini donut van!  These hot, sugary, cinnamon-y donuts were bliss!

The ATV club was also there and they were pulling a barrel train of happy kids.  They went whizzing by a few times, so all I could get was a blurry shot!

Also a bit blurry, but I couldn't resist, is a picture of a statue I saw while walking back to the car.  She seems to be a goddess of abundance.  I'm going to have to come back there in the daylight to get a better look!

This weekend there is much to do in my town.  A Santa Claus parade, a Yule meditation gathering and more.  I'm not sure how much I'll get in, but I'll see where the weekend takes me!


Cottage Tails said...

Oh that dad is such a sport wearing & enjoying his jumper his daughter knitted. Must bring many smiles to others.

Love Leanne Nz

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That is one AWESOME sweater!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i agree...what a good dad. and what a fun way to start the holiday!

Nicarus said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful December adventure. Gotta love that sweater!!!

Lady Rose said...

what a wonderful holiday adventure and the sweater is very cool

As much as possible we are shopping local and handmade also I just picked out a handmade drum - hubby wanted to know what to get me and when I told him a drum - he said go pick it out -- I put together a design and it is being painted on the drum so it will take awhile before I can bring it home - hubby wants to wrap it and put it under tree hehehe I'm all for it - I can wait to play it

Anonymous said...

That looks like a wonderful outing. The Yule meditation sounds wonderful. Wish we had something like that in our neighbourhood.
The sweater looks fantastic, I can Imagine he's very proud !!
The statue is wonderful, love to see it in daylight.
Have a magical day.

Tamara said...

hahaha that sweater is something else! lol He's gotta be quite the dad. :) This little town looks so quant and close knit, the lights are so pretty. You must have had a wonderful time. :)

Birgit said...

How wonderful that you got to talk with the man wearing the Christmas sweater. It's what I would have done, too. (When I were in Canada, it helps being a tourist -- I can practically ask anyone about nearly everything.) The photo is GREAT -- and the sweater is wild. Love it!