Feb 13, 2012

Seeing Red

This week there are so many places you can read about the history of Valentine's Day or Lupercalia, the earlier Roman holiday, that I'm going to forgo a text-heavy post about hearts and love and all things gooey, and just post a few pictures from this week that have hinted at Valentine.

A tulip from a friend, fully opened, and sporting hearts on every petal:

The concert I was at last week, appropriately called the "Get Your Heart On" tour, shot off cannons full of red, pink and white tissue during the finale.

Red Willow beside the river.  I'm checking on its progress as I wait to harvest some for my smudge mix.

This picture does not do the view justice.  The sky was bright and foggy this morning.  The bottom edge of this photo is actually a lake, the middle is a fog bank covering a hill (there's a little town under there somewhere) and then the fog clears as you head up the mountains, which received a nice dose of fresh snow last night.  The pink cloud cover burned off fairly quickly this morning, and it's been clear and sunny all day!

Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day tomorrow.  And if you don't have a sweetheart, be good to yourself!


Ashling said...

That flower was amazing, and this is a great tribute to Valentine's day. Wishing you one that makes you smile!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy heart's day to you!

Robin Larkspur said...

The photo of the tulip is perfect!! I am trying to think if I have ever seen a tulip like that! Happy Heart Day to you!!!

Lois said...

What an incredible tulip! Does it have a name???

Willow said...

Beautiful pictures. I have a red dogwood twig bush in our backyard. Happy Valentine Day.

Rue said...

Lois - the tulip was part of a bulb-assortment planter that a friend gifted me, so unfortunately I don't know the tulip's name. Perhaps I'll do a bit of research - I would like to plant some in the garden!

Birgit said...

For a moment I thought you had used my photo of the tulip, Jen! I can't believe that we had a tulip of the very same variety at the same time which had those hearts on its petals!!! See here. Amazing, huh?

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Anonymous said...

If you look at the picture of the confetti concert....you can see a heart : )

brandi said...

~happy belated valentines day to you...i hope love remains in your heart and always around you each and every day...these pictures tempted our senses...love the red willow...i have never seen such before...much love light and blessings~