Apr 5, 2012

Spring's Roots and Shoots

I've been out wandering as much as possible lately.  It leaves little time for blogging, but it is so good for the spirit.  My heart is still weary (has it been 3 weeks already since my dear kitty has moved on?)  But I seem to find respite in the yard and the meagre offerings of the gardens and walking the path by the river.

The buds are fattening up nicely, although the snow is still teasing us on the hills.  The weather fluctuates from moment to moment these days and so it's more than likely that I'll awake to snow flakes, have a sunny morning to dig around the yard and then experience a cloudy and cool afternoon. 

Frost on the Oregon Grape

The bounty of Spring has been a blessing.  I've been eating fresh chives for a few weeks now, as well as chickweed and digging dandelion roots to dry for tea.  Here's a great post by DJ Martin about the joy of dandelions.

I've also received some Sweet Flag Root (also known as Bitterroot or Calamus) and found a wonderful write up about it here. I've been chewing on it for a few days now and I was telling a friend that it has this lovely "gold-panning" effect on my mind. Instead of the usual non-stop banter skipping from one thing to the next, no matter how irrelevant, my mind seems to slow down and only the important things float to the surface. All the nattering seems to sink to the bottom. I imagine this might be why this root is valued for use in anti-anxiety work.

I'm really falling in love with roots these days!

I hope your April has begun nicely.  For those that are celebrating Holy Week, I wish you blessings.  For those who are merely grabbing a chocolate bunny and getting down to business - I'm right beside you! 


Barbara F. said...

This was a great post. I celebrate Holy Week and also enjoy a chocolate bunny on Sunday! xo

the wild magnolia said...

Oh do be outside as much as possible. Being outside saves me over and over again.

Excellent post.

I'm checking in on Sweet Flag/Bitteroot....i could use a bit of this.

i love Easter, bunnies, eggs, chocolate....ohhhh...here comes Peter Cottontail hoppin down the bunny trail.


Anonymous said...

It is that time of year where many many many are stepping away from the computer and stepping outside to enjoy the warm sun (myself included). My blogging is at its peak in the Winter and August (when it's warmest here and I'm afraid I will indeed melt) but as soon as it's nice enough to sit on my swing and enjoy my plants you can find me there.

Ashling said...

I still grieve for the cat who died nearly two years ago; they never leave us, do they? Enjoy the peace the Earth is offering you...and add a chocolate bunny of your own to the Sweetflag!

Hamadryad said...

Lovely sentiments and images - thank you.

I love roots too : )

Judy said...

Wondering in Nature is a good way to relax the soul and commune with your lost kitty...

Mina said...

I am so sorry to hear about your sweet kitty and I send you my blessings. Like you, I tend to find solace in nature. The soothing voice of calm.

I think I need to try the Sweet Flag Root myself. My mind tends to be quite hyperactive...quite unlike my body. ;-)