Apr 14, 2012

What Luck

How was your Friday the 13th? 

Mine was rather lucky!  I've always had a fondness for the number 13 and how can you not love Friday with all that Venus energy attracting good things to you.

I had a fortunate day harvesting dandelion blossoms.  I tried drying them for the first time because I wanted to use them later for tea, and they turned out perfectly.  And I swear, when I looked around the yard, I have more dandelion, red clover, plantain and chickweed than I thought was in residence.  It's like they've all sprung up overnight as a result of my eagerness to harvest and use them in salads, salves and teas.  Manifestation at its finest!

And on top of a lovely morning in the yard and garden, I found out that I won a card reading by Cory over at New World Witchery!  If you are a podcast listener at all, this one is a must.  Cory and Laine discuss folklore, superstitions and magical practices as well as offering occasional storytelling episodes that feature wonderful old folk tales.  Also, the blog has fabulous resource pages that list research they have done on a large number of topics such as magical systems, ingredients and techniques.  Can you tell I'm a fan?

And my luck this week wasn't limited to the 13th.  I might chalk some of this luck up to the mojo I've been working.  It is my first go at a traditional hand rather than just doing some simple herb or candle work and forgetting about it.  It feels a bit like a first date, in fact.  But a great introduction, it has been.  I received a cheque that I was hoping for, but didn't really think I would get.  I was also offered some extra work and sold some of my herbal sprays.  The purse has been padded this week!

For some information about what a mojo or hand is, here is a link to the Lucky Mojo's page that explains some of the terms associate with these items.**  And to circle back to New World Witchery, here is their page on a list of different mojos for success.

One last tidbit about Friday the 13th - there are three this year.  The next one is in 13 weeks.  And the last one is 13 weeks after that.  Lucky?  I think so!

**Please note that although I do not agree with the creator of Lucky Mojo, Cat Yronwode's commentary surrounding the SOPA issue (google it if you don't know what I mean,) her website has an impressive amount of information on it.  My recommendation of her site's information is in no way a statement of support for her statements of late.

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Magaly Guerrero said...

Lucky indeed!

P.S. your disclaimer made me chuckle ;-)

Jeanne said...

A wonderful post!!! I, too, have always liked the number 13. And I had no idea the synchronicity between all of this year's Friday the 13th(s). Very cool! And thanx for the links. Must go check them out.....