Aug 17, 2012

This Week In The Garden - August

It has been wildly hot here these last few weeks.  Keeping the gardens and pots watered has become a rather large undertaking.  But very worth it when you see the rewards.  The corn is tossing its wild pink hair all over the place.

The onion harvest was plentiful.

The joys of compost - sometimes a seed survives the breaking down process and begins a new life in the strangest places.  This rogue petunia is happily living with the beets.

The tomato jungle.  An entire raised bed full of Roma (paste) tomatoes and one lone, low-acid yellow tomato for eating with fresh basil on toast - yum!

The skullcap is flowering pretty little blue blossoms.

An early squash sits fat and happy at the edge of the bed.

The simple fountain gurgles away while I'm mucking around the garden.  It's a favoured watering station for Daisy the kitty.

The weather will cool soon enough.  I've noticed a few 'tells' this week along the river.  The salmon are back - early this year.  The quail have given up keeping to pairs (and families) and are back to flocking in groups.  I saw them moving through the neighbours' yards, fattening up already.  An early winter this year?  It's hard to say - but I hope not.  I'm looking forward to a nice long autumn!


Magaly Guerrero said...

I want to live in your garden. Everything looks so luscious, yum! Things are not looking that great around here when it comes to the green front, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed ;-)

Barbara F. said...

Things are growing beautifully, Jen! I do hope Autumn lasts a long long time, not ready for winter! xo

Anonymous said...

Hi, such great pictures. You are going to have such a great tomatoe harvest ; )
The squash looks wonderful.
It has been hot here too the last couple of days. We say finally, because we haven't had any Summer. It was rain all the time.
Have a great day.

Jeanne said...

A well-loved garden gives back ten fold. :0)
Funny you should mention an early winter.... many folks around here are speaking of an early winter. The recent cool spell that we've had sure makes it feel like Autumn.