Oct 2, 2012

Temporary Fail

Just a quick post to apologize for the comment confusion this morning.  Here's a bit of background:

About a year ago, I started getting spam here at the blog.  I added the world verification feature to the comments section to weed out the bots and spammers and happily continued on my way, until one day when several blog-kin contacted me to say that there was a rather insulting comment on a post.

Now I don't mind if people disagree with my views at all, but this comment was something like "all American women are satan," or some such bullshit.  The person who posted it, happily moved through the word verification process with no problem and so I added the comment moderation feature to prevent these types of comments appearing on the blog.

This is truly a pain for several reasons, but mostly because if I am too busy to check my blog for any length of time, comments can pile up or get lost.  Also, people have reported having a hard time getting their comment to 'stick.'  I've had the same issues while trying to post on other blogs - mostly with the word verification process, as Blogger has changed up the images to be almost completely unreadable.

To ease the commenting process this month while the giveaways are on, I will be removing word verification and comment moderation from the blog.

Please note:  because I work outside the home and sleep occasionally, there may be stretches of time where I cannot access my blog to check comments.  This means there may be garbage appearing on posts from time to time.  Hopefully, the spammers have moved on, but in case they haven't, please know that I will remove offensive material or links from Persian princes asking for money, as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for understanding!

*Parking meter photo by me.  People gave me strange looks as I snickered and took this picture.  Sadly, the glass was scratched, so the digital read was a bit fuzzy.  Still, I think it will have many uses.


Magaly Guerrero said...

That useless person got you, too, huh? It happened to me last year and then he stopped, thank goodness!

Don't worry about the uglies (especially the spammy ones) we all get them and understand.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i get weird stuff all the time too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, that is so sad. Don't those people have other things to do ?
If you don't like what you read, stop reading it and move on to another blog you do like, but refrain from making people miserable.
I hope you won't get comments like that anymore !!!
Have a magical day.

petoskystone said...

If trolls are going to be bothering, the least they could do is try to work up a more creative insult. That being said, hoping the lazy one has moved on permanently.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yeah, that jerk with the diatribe against women has hit every blog I know at some point or another, including mine. I suspect it's to lure outraged people to the link where there's probably some kind of malware or spyware hiding. Delete, delete, delete!

mamaraby said...

I love the picture, scratched glass and all!

mrsduncanmahogany said...

Sorry to hear about this....hopefully things sort themselves out and those "haters" move on...

Birgit said...

I recently got rid of my word verification because people complained (too much) about it. So far it's working really well -- no spam at all! I hope it's the same for you. :)

Free2bfree said...

I LOVE this photo, Rue!

I haven't stop by for a while, so I'm glad to see you're still blogging away. My visits here are always a pleasure.

Lotsa Love ~*~ Karen

(I hope the spammers have lost interest in bugging you.)