Oct 18, 2012

The Face of Fall

I've been working two jobs this month, which has seriously eaten into my wandering-in-the-outdoors time.  I have had a few nice walks this week though.  October has moved from unseasonably warm, to full-blown Fall.  Storms have been blowing in and out of the Valley for days now.  We lost power briefly when the high winds knocked a tree into some power lines, but damage has been at a minimum, thankfully.


We are being warned of very low temps coming next week as well as a chance of snow.  It's not snowed this early in decades, I think, so it will be interesting to see what happens.  I still have a few herbs in a sheltered location that need to be brought in and dried.  I'm hoping I find the time to get to them before the weather turns.

This weekend I'm heading to a Samhain Festival.  I'm really looking forward to experiencing some different teaching and rituals.  I've also got to fit in a visit to the haunted corn maze and the farm stands to buy pumpkins before Halloween.

I hope your October weekend is wonderful!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

snow...lucky you! i sure hope we see some this year!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

We're supposed to get snow here in Edmonton this weekend. And not the fun kind that melts right away. The kind that sticks around for 6 months. Yuck!

mrsduncanmahogany said...

We have had a few blustery days here on the Prairies, and its still raining! My perfect kind of weather! Hopefully you will be able to get out and about and enjoy some of the deliciousness October has to offer! Enjoy the weekend, sounds like fun!

the wild magnolia said...

wallowing in autumns goodness. taking lots of pics to see where I have been, and look again when the season is gone for the wheel of the year.

love the photos and this season.

wishing you a great Samhain Festival....look forward to pics and sharing of good discoveries.

Goddess Findings said...

gorgeous photos!!!!

jill said...

Lovely autumn photos,hope you have a fab weekend.xx