Oct 1, 2012

Welcome October!

As I sit here and wait for the sky to lighten, I have small feeling in the pit of my stomach.  It is not sadness, because I'm happy to see the summer fade to autumn finally.  But there is a knowing that I won't see the sky begin to glow at six am again for a very long time.  This first day of October is waking up slowly - even though I've been up for hours.

The House of Rue is bustling this week.  I start fall production at work (a brief 2 month stint of packaging chocolate goodies for Christmas shows that my bosses vend at across Canada.)  I don't need to do this work, but it's a bit of extra holiday money and I've been doing it for so many years that it just seems like a tradition now.

I also am in charge of the decorations at a wedding reception for an old friend of my mother's.  I am gathering autumn flowers and grasses and tying 80 posies of lavender (which I've been dragging my feet on.)

The day after the wedding this weekend, is our Canadian Thanksgiving.  My mother, as always, is cooking for the 5000 and I'll be elbow deep in something or another, helping her.

If you take a look to the right in my sidebar, you'll also see that I'm involved in a few blog parties.  Do check them out - each of the websites featured will have a month of wonderful posts, and I will post here on the specific blog party days.

And lastly, but something very exciting for my little blog here, is that I start my own October giveaway tomorrow.  Last year I gave away three books by assorted authors with topics relating to "spirit."  Books are truly my favourite item to giveaway - probably because they are my favourite gift to receive!  This year, I've gone a step further, and contacted authors to purchase autographed books from them.  So not only will you have a chance to win a wonderful book - but a signed book by the author!

This is my fourth October blogging here at Rue and Hyssop.  I started this little journal, mostly to connect to a community of like-minded people.  I wanted to meet other writers and gardeners, crafters and cooks, magical workers and spiritual seekers.  These past years have introduced me to such wonderful people.  Doing a giveaway like this is just a small way of showing appreciation for the kindness, support and camaraderie that my readers show me here.

Get ready for a great October!


Kallan Kennedy said...

Happy October Anniversary, Jen!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

yay for fall. i intend to enjoy every single day of it to the hilt! i hate sunshine so i am embracing the darkness. i feel born again!

petoskystone said...

Yea for Autumn! I am determined to enjoy this month & get a few smaller projects done: a pair of curtains, finish knitting a scarf, finish the two capelets I started a few months ago, & get back in the rhythm of studying German. None of which is as intense as the projects which you have going ;) Happy anniversary!

Barbara F. said...

I love autumn, it is so beautiful and I feel alive this time of year, more than any other season. I would love to see your posies when they are done. Have a beautiful fall, Jen. xo

Robin Larkspur said...

So happy for Autumn to be here! You sound busy! Would love to see photos of the wedding flowers.
Your giveaway sounds very special!
You are an inspiring blogger!

Vickie McNeely-Lesperance said...

Happy Autumn Darlin! And Happy blogoversary too.

Danni said...

I am pleased as can be that October is finally here! Normally, I'm ok with the bright, summery half of the year but this year I've had enough. Bring on the darkness, the cooler weather, pumpkins, bonfires and cider!

Happy October, Rue! Sounds like you're going to have an amazing one.

Wendy the (Very Good Witch) said...

Ahhh....Happy October to you Rue! Such a wonderful month...my favorite of the entire year. Can't believe how fast it's come around again actually. Wish time would just slow down a bit. I'm running behind this year, so my posts will be fewer I'm sure. But I am looking forward to checking in on blog buddies this month. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! :o)

Hex Parker said...

Happy Autumn in October, Jen! The colors, the breezes, the tastes, and the smells...it's the best!

Jeanne said...

Happy October to you!!! :0)
Isn't Blogland wonderful? So many great people!
So much happening in the coming days and weeks. Do take a moment or two to enjoy the lingering days of Autumn. ♥

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, you are one busy little witch! Your giveaway plans sound amazing!

Birgit said...

Oh, I am also happy about October being there! :) I love the pumpkin photo.

Wulf said...

At this time of year, each morning seems to present a new line crossed: one day it's still light enough to make breakfast without turning on the light, and the next it isn't; for a few glorious days the sun is streaming down the street as I wait for the bus, then suddenly it doesn't make it above the trees; one morning soon it will just be a glow in the sky, and then one morning I'll be standing at the bus stop in the dark. That's usually somewhere around Samhain, and I steel myself for three months of dark mornings ahead.

But then, one morning around Imbolc, I'll notice that it's not completely dark, and then a few days later, there will be a faint glow awaiting me in the sky, and soon I'm standing in the morning sunlight again.

I wish I was able to leave the house just at dawn every day of the year. It would be punishingly early in the summer and drowsily late in the winter, and along the way there would be overcast or stormy days when dawn never really shows itself, but I think it would give a totally different sense of the passing of the seasons. Another project for the future!

Free2bfree said...

Happy October, Rue!

After meeting you online 4 1/2 years ago, autumntime now makes me think of you! Before getting to know you, the changing of the seasons from summer to autumn filled me with a sense of sadness and melancholy. In a way, the sadness was caused by springtime goals and dreams left unfulfilled. In spite of many of this year's springtime hopes that remain to be fulfilled at some future date, I'm happy to say that this year I'm welcoming autumntime with open arms and a glad heart .... with gratitude to you, Rue, for helping me to see the coming changes with a new perspective and the help of fall-colored lenses in my eyeglasses. Thank you for introducing me to the land that's f Forever Fall! My heart thanks you. : )

Lotsa Love ~*~ Karen