Apr 1, 2013

Compost Magic

Whether you have been participating in Easter or Passover, or simply reveling in chocolate bunnies, I hope your long weekend has been marvelous!  And suddenly April is upon us.  Last year we were knee-deep in April showers, long before April even arrived.  This year, we are riding a heat wave that looks to last long into the week.  Taking advantage of the balmy weather, I'm trimming perennials and re-potting herbs.  I've got a few plants to move around yet, and I'm still amending a few of the beds with the gorgeous compost from my little beehive bin.

I'm working on ideas to keep myself more aware and "in the now" while out in the gardens.  Last year, my goal was to appreciate the summer, even though I'm not a fan of the intense heat that we get in The Valley.  I was pleased that I was able to concentrate more on how thankful I was for the sunlight that was growing my garden, rather than whining about the temperature.  This year, my project is "slow gardening."  The focus is on taking time with each plant or crop.  Appreciating their growth process and the journey toward my table, medicine cabinet or becoming a magical ingredient.

Here's an idea that came to me while whispering compliments to my compost bin.  (Don't you compliment your compost? )  If you are starting up a compost pile, or adding your weekly bucket of veggie scraps and yard clippings to your bin. Choose one item, or your kitchen bucket (if it isn't smelly and you are able to hold it for a time,) and find a place to sit and hold it comfortably.  

Think about something in your life you would like to transform.  Perhaps there is a habit you have that is not conducive to your well-being.  Is there is a relationship that has become complicated or neglected, and needs some "getting back to basics" energy?  The idea here, is to take the breaking down and re-forming process of composting, and apply that to your situation.

For example - I'm having a bit of a re-lapse of late with negative self-talk.  Nothing too serious - but I'm being reminded that I'm not treating myself with love and respect.  So what I'm doing is this:  I'm taking some time to sit with my compost item of choice.  (A nice long root, pulled from one of the veggie beds.)  I'm addressing the issue that I want to release - thinking about how negative self-talk feels and snowballs into treating myself poorly.  

I then think about seeing this situation decompose and become something more useful.  Instead of instantly turning to cruel words, I see myself taking a breath and having patience with myself when I do/say something that seems wrong or silly.  I see myself not cringing whenever I spy a candid photo taken of me.  I imagine that I am laughing-off something that would otherwise frustrate me.  Pour these thoughts/feelings into the item that you are holding.  See/feel/imagine the item taking on your concerns and how you see them transforming.  Keep in mind, that things will not always transform as you want them to.  If you are trying to "fix" a relationship, you can only change yourself and your contribution to it - not the other person.

When you are finished setting your intention for this process, release your compost to the bin.  Walk away knowing that while millions of micro-organisms work on the physical plane in your composter, your goals are being realized on an energetic level as well.  Keep track of your process as the season continues, adding to your compost pile, and doing your own work on breaking down and re-forming.

Composting is a way of re-imagining items we feel we don't need anymore.  What do you want to re-imaging in your life?  What can you let go of, so that it can become something rich and fertile?

(I don't really need to add a caveat here that this sort of thing doesn't replace medical assistance for serious physical or mental conditions, right?)  


jaz@octoberfarm said...

warm weather? oh no...keep it up there! we are getting snow today for opening day of baseball!

Dede said...

I am so happy that you are having nice weather! The last couple of days have been nice here, but this coming week is supposed to be storms and it is really looking like it now. We are not going to be doing a garden this year, we are going to be doing the RV thing. Wishing you continued great weather and fun in the garden!


Betty said...

I never thought to talk to my compost. I do talk to the worms that live there though.

Tilda said...

I love the concept of "seeing the situation decompose and become something useful". I can already feel that my own garden is going to be a focal point for me this year (as opposed to last year when I grew all of two tomato plants)---a place to rest, think and renew. Your compost idea fits right in :)

Rue said...

I found this article today, via The Wild Hunt:


I think it's kismet!

Rhonda DeFelice said...

Thank you for this. A good reminder.