Jul 17, 2013

Weather Witchery

I've heard it said that witchcraft is either an actual connection to and interaction with the "magical" current of nature, or a psychosis.  I think it might be a bit of both.

Weather magic, in particular, is something that walks than fine line.  Did you actually shift the weather pattern or was it already shifting and you just caught wind of it (no pun intended.)  Creating weather out of thin air is not something I think happens - at least, not often.  That kind of energy manifestation (especially coming from one person,) would be rare.  But grabbing hold of an already forming meteorlogical event and putting a bit more "oomph" into it, or shifting it in a new direction - I've been witness to that a time or two.  Was it a fluke?  Or was the practitioner able to coerce the sky to cooperate with her?  I honestly can't say.

Additionally, if you can actually change the weather, then there is a rather large responsibility to consider if things go a bit haywire (floods, droughts, lightening strikes.)

While wandering through the yard and gardens this morning, I found myself watching the rain clouds we had so hoped for, pass completely over us.  Clear sky was not far behind, and I was dissapointed. The wind was blowing in from the south-east and carrying all those clouds over to the next valley in the west.

I suddenly remembered a story I had heard about witches who had been employed to bring in rough weather.  If a ship was coming into port carrying valueables that a treasure-hunter wanted, or if the ship was carrying invaders, the witch would be approached to do a bit of storm-brewing, meant to take the ship down.  One of the ways she did this was by simply stirring her tea in a certain way.

Being amused by this vague recollection, I set to stirring my coffee while chanting about bringing the rains back in our direction.  Within ten minutes the wind shifted.  As I look at the Canadian flag out my window, I can see that the wind is now blowing in from the north-west and the rain is falling in earnest.  And just as I am typing this, thunder has rumbled and sheet lightening has lit up the dull morning sky.

Do I think that I created this weather?  No.  There was rain in the forecast today.  Do I find it a bit strange that the wind shifted direction completely and the clouds that had just passed us by with not a drop of moisture to spare, have retreated back on themselves to pour rain down outside my window?  "Strange" is a good word for it.

I think perhaps I'll simply stick to stirring honey into my coffee, and forget about stirring up the weather.

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Danni said...

I've often wondered about weather witchery. Is it feasible? Is it possible? Is it just a strange and often time fortuitous happenstance?

I had a similar experience to your own once, only I wanted the storm to go away and rather than stir my coffee, I chose to spin myself - broom in hand- in the yard under my large oak tree. The whole thing was a bit odd; the strong desire for the storm to avoid us, the urge to grab my broom and spin in the yard - things I've never even considered attempting before. Strange food for thought.

Enjoy your rain and your coffee, love!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The only weather magick I know is: "Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day." Yeah, pretty lame, I know.

Rue said...

That one works Debra! ;)

Jennifer said...

Rue: please help yourself to all the rain you want, if you can call it in from down south! We've had nothing but rainy days for weeks! ;)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

omg...could you please change my weather? i am dying here in 95 degrees with 93% humidity! i would owe you big time!

Robin Larkspur said...

Very interesting story. I think it could very well have been magick. We will all just keep that our little secret.

Linda Wildenstein said...

I am very interested in your approach to weather magic. I believe that if you are involved in whatever the "event" then yes it is magic. Magic alone is not the only thing that makes and event occur....so does belief. How's that for a snake chasing it's tail analogy??????
Oma Linda

Jeanne said...

I am a firm believer! The weather can be manipulated. But it takes a very strong thought process to change it. When we lived in Louisiana, we were 20 miles from the coast. Not necessarily a desirable place to be in the event of a hurricane. One October Hurricane Lili took aim at our part of Cajun country. It was a Category 5 (the worst!) 1 day away from making landfall. The day it came onshore it had downgraded to a Category 3. The Cajun people are devout Catholics (with a fair amount of Folk religions thrown in) and they said that it was because of the power of their prayers that the hurricane had weakened.
Thanx for the link!

Rue said...

Jeanne, I've been doing some reading about Catholic folk magic lately - so fascinating! I'm also a believer in the power of prayer (no matter who you pray to.)

Lluisa Munoz said...

When the hot summer days bring storms turning the sky so black I love to sit in a quite place because if you can put yourself into a calm state of mind, body and spirit you can really feel and connect with the powerful energy of the storm and I really find it magic.


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard about it before, so thank you for the info ; )