Aug 16, 2013

On Teenagers and Summer's Remains

This weeks' theme, at the House of Rue, seems to be "How To Survive Teenage Girls."  (Hint: it involves rum.)  For those who are newish to the blog, you should know that I spend a large amount of time with my neices.  Their mother is unwell, and their father (my brother) works long hours as a winemaker at a local vineyard/winery, and so I have had the pleasure of helping to raise them.

Something happened at about age thirteen though.  Suddenly, Auntie wasn't funny or cool anymore. Getting them outside and away from the television, cell phone or video games became impossible. And everything became The End Of The World.

In all fairness, I remember being a teen.  Mostly because I wasn't very good at it.  I preferred the company of my grandmother and her garden and land, and her teapot, to the company of most of the people at school.  Every moment seemed rife with drama and the hormones rushing through my body were no help at all.  Add to that a persistent feeling that I wasn't good enough in any way, and I pretty much failed spectacularly at enjoying the years between thirteen and seventeen.  So I do understand (although, not what it is like to be a teen at this very moment in time.)

This summer, I've mostly let them be.  They sleep late, eat everything in the house, use a staggering amount of towels, and glue themselves to any screen they can find.  And they both work summer jobs. But these next two weeks - the last days before school begins here in B.C. - we will find adventure! the very least, lakes, dirt and a roasted marshmallow.

Our camping trip was cancelled for this weekend, so instead we are going to do a farm stand tour in the next valley over.  Also on the list is a visit to a gouda farm, a dip in at least three lakes, and a run across the border into Washington where I will introduce them to real Mexican food.

I think a round of mini-golf is also in order, as well as some serious goat-love from the resident kids at a huge farm-stand two hours north.  The gods are my witness (insert fist pump here,) we will drive this valley and experience something other than work and video games before this summer is through!

There will be much eye-rolling and sighing, I'm sure.

How will you spend the remains of August?


Danni said...

Oh, to be a teenager in the age of rampant technology. My mother had the same problem with me, just replace 'phone, television, computer' with 'book'.

My last vestiges of summer will be spent eagerly awaiting Autumn! Turning my garden beds and seeding for the late Autumn harvest. We have a ludicrously long growing season here, so lettuces and other cold weather crops won't get seeded for a few more weeks.

It's kind of crazy, really. :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

My Rare One has 5 nieces and went through those tough teen years too -- she is so glad that they're all adults now and back to being lovable!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

sounds like a fun way to wind the summer down! i hope the girls think so too!

Jennifer said...

The same thing happened to me when my niece and nephew became teenagers, and I haven't been happy about it! Unfortunately, since they live in another state, we've not had much contact since the onset of their teen years. My husband keeps telling me they will appreciate us again once they've grown up, but it makes me sad!

Ms Lilypads said...

During the last days of autumn, I'll enjoy the shift in weather while (a) working on an art doll (b)keeping my fingers crossed that my first attempt at making a fairy house doesn't end as a disaster (it's scheduled to be a Winter Solstice gift).

Linda Wildenstein said...

tell ya what....13 yr olds suck.
My daughter was the light of my life until age 13. It was the day she was forever lost to me as my sweetie pie. And the same thing happened to my granddaughter....on the day she turned 13.
I worked with adolescents for 20 years and....yup they are all affected by hormones, attitude and now of course the technology.
You have a great plan for the end of summer. We are going to be making more jewelry and also going on a road trip.
Good luck my friend. Oma Linda

petoskystone said...

I am helping raise my three grandchildren (3,5,7)as their mother, my daughter, works full time & spends the majority of her off time staring at her phone/tablet/whatever. Grandchild #1 is practicing her teen angst already ;) We did summer homework, visited between Papi & Daddy, & spent much time playing video games!

Loren Morris said...

Unfortunately, school has already started here....but, my husband's family owns a vineyard and winery and we were thinking about taking the drive to that part of TN next weekend and pick some muscadines. :)

Velva said...

Although, I have boys I can relate too. School starts on Monday here in north Florida-WOOT-WOOT (smile).

I enjoyed your post. Cheers to you for taking part in your nieces lives, that will have a lifetime impact.


Tilda said...

I spent some time this summer with 2 teenage girls who were glued to their phones, were snarky and who could barely give a little apathetic princess wave when addressed. To think I may have acted like that when a teenager---embarrassing! Ah well, they usually grow out of it.

I'm finding myself feeling somewhat melancholy that summer is almost over, even though I'm a big autumn fan. It seems the summer has gone by so fast...

Debbie Mitchell said...

Really enjoyed your post. My youngest is 17 and a senior in high school this year. Most of the time I think she hates me....but then there are the times we laugh together.

Anonymous said...

That sounds great. If they don't want to go with you, I would love to join ; )
Have a magical day.

halloween spirit said...

Good luck!(I'm sure it'll be fun. They may actually enjoy it.) :)