Sep 25, 2013

October Prep and Predictions

We are rocketing into the most fantastic, pumpkin-filled days of awesomeness that the year can offer. (Pumpkin-Filled Days of Awesomeness is going to be my new book title.)

Terrible, nonsense sentence aside, it is nearly October and I'm hovering somewhere between stretching out on my grandparents' graves with a pitcher of lime daiquiris for a long nap, and trying to arrange the last few items on the Great October Book Giveaway to-do list (while drinkng a pitcher of lime daquiris.)

My third-annual giveaway is not the only party going on around these parts in October.  There is a crazy amount of mischief to get up to in the blogosphere this coming month. I'll do my best to point out what sounds wonderful and wicked to me, and I hope you'll let me know what kind of naughtiness you get up to as well!

Just skimming the surface of the October madness, Magaly over at Pagan Culture is hosting her annual All Hallows Grim again, and the Samhain Sirens are running amok starting October 1st.  Also - if you are on Facebook, do stalk the lovely and fiercely intelligent Judika Illes on her fan page.  She is doing a "month of witches" and will also be giving away some Halloween loot.

Happening just after October's end is the Pagan Podkin Super Moot in New Orleans.  If you are in the area, or want to fly in, because it's New Orleans, then do check out the meet and greet where you can chat with some truly wonderful podcasting folks (and some bloggers who were invited to play with the cool kids!)  I've not given up hope of attending, but now that I need to replace my car, it's looking like I may have to sell a kidney to do so.  I'm not even kidding - I have two rather awesome kidneys - I'll trade one for a plane ticket.

Back to the world of blog - I do want to mention that at least two of my favourite bloggers have responded to my post about Little Witcheries and have pulled back the curtain on their own magical lives. Please do run over and read Danni's post at The Whimsical Cottage and Cory's revelations at New World Witchery. If anyone else has shared their daily or household witcheries, please leave your link to the post in the comments - I'd love to read it!

It is hard to believe that September is winding down.  I do hope you had a lovely full moon and autumn equinox this past week!  As October draws near, it's time to get out your pumpkin-colored party hats, your mini candy bar of choice, and your favourite divination system.  I predict it's going to be a fantastic month!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

this is why i start in july! i can't get enough of it and it never lasts long enough!

mrsduncanmahogany said...

October is the BEST month bar none!

Cottage Tails said...

SMILE - oh what fun you gals in USA have - Pumpkins and autumn celebration is just not like this here in NZ.
Love Leanne

Magaly Guerrero said...

I got really closed to the screen and sniffed that glorious pumpkin...

Isn't wonderful? Just four days until October, and then wooohooo! total witchiness.

I love the comment month, but you already know that. Guess good things are worth repeating... I'm stealing your button. I don't care if the post isn't ready yet, it'll come ;-D

Jennifer said...

I can't wait for October!! :D

Rue said...

Aww - thanks Magaly!