Oct 1, 2013

The 3rd Annual Great October Book Giveaway!

****UPDATE 2: October 15/13 Please do not leave a comment here if you want to enter the book giveaways. This is simply a post on how this giveaway is run. Please find the current giveaway post by scrolling up to the top of the blog OR refreshing the blog by clicking on the header. The first or second post you see will be the current giveaway. Please leave your entry on that post. Thanks!
**UPDATE:  October 12/13 There has been a couple questions about entering the giveaways.  The lowdown is below, but I just want to be clear about the process.  If you want in on the current giveaway, you need to leave a comment on the current giveaway post.  If you were directed here, to this intro post, via a link - just click up there on the blog header "Rue and Hysosp" and the page will reload for you.  The most recent post should be the current giveaway (unless I've posted about some of my October adventures - then just scroll down - you'll find it.)  You'll need to comment on each giveaway as it comes up if you want to be included in the draw for those books.  Thanks!

A happy and haunting October to you!  The most orange and fun-sized month of the year is not just an excuse to wear your pointy hat and scare small children, but it is also the month where you get to take home some books in your trick-or-treat bag!

My very favourite gifts to give and receive are books.  I can't get enough of them.  Good books, bad books, naughty books, books that make me sleep with the lights on, and books to sleep on in the hopes of somehow absorbing the knowledge within.  I adore them all - and I like to share.

This yearly book love-fest is a fun way for me to give back a little for all the thoughtful and lovely responses to my posts here on the blog, as well as the tweets, Facebook comments and general awesomeness that I get to experience from fellow bloggers and folks that bump into me around the interwebs. (I think you guys are fab - can you tell?)

I track down various authors I dig (because I know you'll dig them too,) and I get these wonderful folks to autograph their books and send them to me to give to you.  Sometimes, like this year, I get lucky and meet an author or two in person.  Some authors have even sent an extra book along - just because they wanted to share in the giving!  I also like to throw in extra books, like almanacs and herbal books I've picked up because I know my readers appreciate a little folklore, moon lore or herb lore along with their witchy books.

Here is how it works:

Giveaway Rules:

*  I will post a giveaway approximately every four days this month.  You've got those four days to leave a comment on the blog post for that particular giveaway, and then I'll draw the winning name(s) and post the next giveaway.  I'll leave dates and times in the posts, so you know when you need to have your entry in by.

*  This giveaway is specifically for folks that connect with me in some capacity.  In your comment, please let me know how you and I rub URL's (is that creepy?)  For example, simply say: "blog follower"  or "FB friend" or "subscribe to blog" or however that applies.  If you look to the right, on my sidebar, you'll see the different ways we can connect.  If you are a brand new follower because you just stumbled across me or someone pointed you this way - welcome!  Have a look around and toss your name in the hat too.

*  Please ensure that there is a way for me to get a hold of you.  I'm not going to allow anonymous comments because I get terrible spam if I do, but you can use Open ID or a registered account to comment. For now I'm going to leave the comment moderation feature off, but if it turns out that I've got to spend time each day deleting comments, it may have to come back on.  Let's hope the Halloween gods get rid of the trolls for us.

* In the past I've run a very easy "leave a comment and you're done" giveaway.  I like this simple approach, but I'm willing to consider a second entry if it's something you really want to do.  If you want to promo the blog/giveaway in some fashion and get brownie points for it - do your thing.  Just make sure that you comment a second, separate, time, leaving the link to your promo.   Even if you share the giveaway all over the interwebs, I'm only going to allow a second comment.  I don't want this getting too crazy y'all.

* You will have exactly one week to respond to my request for your mailing address, and I'll send your book out within a week of receiving that info from you.  If you don't respond within 7 days, I will have to draw a new winner for that particular book.

* I am in Canada.  I will send the books to Canada, USA or overseas (according to the legal rambling below) at the most cost-effective shipping rates.  This means your book may arrive anywhere from 5 days to 5 weeks after I mail it.  (In Canada - approx 5 business days.  To Germany - approx 5 weeks.)

Legal Bits:

* This giveaway (or "sweepstakes") is open to all residents of Canada, (exluding Quebec residents,) the USA, Great Britain and Europe who are 18 years of age or older.  This giveaway is void where prohitibited by law.  Please be aware of the contest/sweepstakes laws in your area.

*  Canadian residents will be subject to a skill testing question before being able to claim their prize (this is standard law in Canada.)  The skill testing question will be in a form similar to:  1 + 2 - 1 =

*  This giveaway is not for profit and no purchase is necessary to enter.

*  This giveaway is sponsored/administrated solely by this blog/blog author and is not affilitated with or sponsored by Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, or any other entity, nor can they be held liable.

* By leaving a comment intending to enter into the draw for the giveaway (or "sweepstakes,") you are knowingly agreeing to these rules/conditions.

Now that that's all over with - can we get on with the fun?!


sunshine97827 said...

I like the idea of people really connecting in the give away. Poking a couple of keys is so impersonal. To me a blog is a far more personal thing or it should be.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I've already stolen your giveaway button. Bring on the reading yummines!

Liz Davenport said...

Jen, I always look forward to your lovely posts. I subscribe to your blog, and follow you on FB, too!

Goddess Findings said...

Hi Jen, I adore everything witchy and try to keep up with it all while developing my true self in the midst of the clamor of the illusion-al world we live in (a nicer way to say delusional? lol) Im a blog follower and the raven is my totem. Books are in my blood, so I can totally relate to how you feel about them! Happy October! blessings, Janice

Beth Brown said...

I found your blog (and clicked to follow it)from Samhain's Siren's website. I then checked out your herbs and mists on Etsy and now I'm here :) oneoldgoat1962@gmail.com

jennifer innes said...

Hello beautiful soul!

Mary EH! said...

Hi Jen! I'm a blog follower and a fan on Facebook, too. Thanks for the fun giveaway! :)


bentley said...

I subscribe to your blog, and I love that you're giving away books. Never too many books!

The Cauldron Keeper said...

I need more books (not according to my husband, but what does he know?), count me in.

Liz Davenport said...

Jen, is the "protocol" to leave a comment each week during October for the book giveaway?

Rue said...

Hi Liz - yes. Please leave your comment on the current giveaway post (so - today, that would be Thorn Coyle's book "Make Magic Of Your Life.") Thanks!

Sparkless said...

Who can resist these books by a fabulous author?! Add me to the draw. I'm a following of your blog.

Rue said...

Please see the update at the top of this post and leave your entry on the current giveaway post. Today - that would be the Judika Illes post. Thanks!

violetss9808 said...

I would love this, especially since Judika has helped me along my path. I was learning from my Aunts but they are in Europe and there is only so much they can teach at that distance. So the first spell book I purchased was Judika's Encyclopedia of spells. I am grateful to her to get me along on my path. Of course I have a lot more books now but never forgot where it started!

Lady Spiderwitch said...

I am following your blog. The books are irresistible. Add me to the draw!! I have Judika Illes' book 5000 spells and love it.

Rue said...

Please leave your name/comment on the giveaway post. Please scroll up or refresh the blog by clicking on "Rue and Hyssop" up on the header. The first post you see after the blog refreshes, will be the giveaway post.